Papaji Video Pack


This package deal includes 4 beautifull video's with Papaji! you receive a 20% discount. 

  • Papaji: Who Are You?: interview with Jeff Greenwald.
  • Delight, Bliss and Beyond: Satsang with Papaji.
  • Return to Silence: Satsang with Papaji.
  • Give me Enlightenment Please! Satsang with Papaji.

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This package deal includes 4 beautifull video's with Papaji! you receive a 20% discount. Available in MP4 and MOV format

Papaji Who are You? "I AM THAT! ..where you, me, she, he and all the rest emerge from. I am THAT!" With this opening response to the question "Who are you?" Papaji proceeds to enlighten his interviewer Jeff Greenwald. In this extraordinary interview, Jeff addresses Papaji from the perspective of the Western scientific mind. As Papaji continually turns the interview into an opportunity for the listeners own awakening, his surprising and sometimes humorous answers lead to an immediate discovery of true Self-Realization.

Delight, Bliss and Beyond Papaji speaks about the value of an association with a guru. He then goes on to answer a question oftentimes heard in satsang, "I got it when I was with you, but then I lost it when I went home". How do I maintain this understanding at all times?" He also speaks about the trap of any association or reflection on the past. 

Return to Silence The theme that runs throughout this compilation (extracts from several satsangs) is "Silence". Papaji states, and demonstrates, that Silence is one's real, and permanent, nature. He goes on to say that Silence is the ground and substance of everything in existence. He also answers the question, "Can one be silent while being active in the world?"

Give me Enlightenment Please! In this DVD Papaji stresses the fact that one must not only give up the search for enlightenment but, more importantly, the idea that there is one who can engage in a search. He says that the "I" is the only hindrance to the realization of the truth of who one is. The seeker is the problem. He then tells the viewer how to let go of the concept of "I" and, in fact, all concepts. He says, "God is" remains as the only truth -  not known but experienced. He also speaks about the blessing of finding a true teacher, a guru, and how one should come to the guru.

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