Leela School Teachers have been training with Eli for more than 8 years. They have a high level of proficiency and experience in the use of the skills, as well as a depth of self-realization necessary to hold retreats and train mentors and students all over the world. Grounded in silence, and tested within the school, as well as having their own practice for minimum 3 years, the Leela School Teachers exemplify the possibility for all, to live a life of love and service to the world waking up from the trance of suffering.


Jared Franks

It is a privilege and an honor to play the role of a True Friend, Therapist and Teacher to those who are seeking support for freedom and truth.                     

The gift of the surrendered mind and open heart that Eli offers to all those who are seeking truth, true peace and love, reverberates out through the community. Eli taught me the bliss of not knowing, not fixing, and not changing anything, whilst being fully committed to the deepest integrity, and vigilance to psychological freedom, happiness and love, and the deepest truth of silent Being. I offer myself in service to this deep support that Eli offered me.

After finishing my first 3 Year Group, acting as the Regional Coordinator for the Leela Foundation in Australia, and organizing the Australian tours for Eli and Gangaji since 2010, I began offering private sessions, as well as teaching the enneagram and holding retreats around Australia and NZ. For 1:1 sessions in Sydney Australia or over Skype to anywhere in the world, contact me at info@jaredfranks.com

Lisa Shumacher

In the mid ’90’s I found myself in Bolinas at the feet of my beloved Master, Gangaji.  Through her grace I was introduced to Eli and enrolled in the 3 year program.  With Eli’s loving attention, I have been encouraged to pursue a deeper involvement, participating in the Leela School and becoming a Leela Therapist.  I am a mentor in the current 3 year group, and I have a small practice based out of Ashland, Oregon.

I am so grateful for the blessing of this community that is an offering of true support in surrender and awakening. If you would like to have a session with me, please email me at: worldloveperson@gmail.com to make an appointment.


“When you can recognize who you are not, then there is a possibility to wake up and discover who you really are.”