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True Friends

An open heart, and a silent mind; this is how to be a true friend.”  ~Eli

All of those listed as True Friends have been certified and approved as Leela Practitioners by Eli, having attended the requisite levels of Leela Skills Training with Eli and having been through a period of testing where sessions are offered, reported on and evaluated.  All are grounded in silence; the most essential requirement of a Leela Practitioner which Eli has exemplified

I met my beloved teacher Eli in 1999 and discovered freedom here and now! My first big awakening! My life changed forever…
At my first Enneagram retreat in 2000 I put my life at Eli’s feet, at Ramana’s feet. I had found what I was looking for my whole life, the bliss and gratitude was overflowing. In that moment I gave my life to this truth, this freedom and life has been a blessed mystery ever since.  I am forever at the feet of my master.

Joining the 3 yr group back in 2001 has been a sweet process of deepening, surrendering, opening of the heart and mind. I am so deeply grateful for this gift of true happiness. It’s magical how it passes on, how people catch it – this is my passion and most fulfilling work.

My background is in the healing arts: for over 20 yrs I’ve been practicing various styles of massage and energy healing, I teach at the massage school and my own seminars in Kunlun, an ancient Taoist practice of internal Alchemy. Using the wisdom of the Enneagram and  Leela Therapy skills, I am also available for phone sessions. Growing up in Switzerland, I am fluent in French, German and English.  You can contact me at: for a session, mahalo and Aloha!

In the mid ’90’s I found myself in Bolinas at the feet of my beloved Master, Gangaji.  Through her grace I was introduced to Eli and enrolled in the 3 year program.  With Eli’s loving attention, I have been encouraged to pursue a deeper involvement, participating in the Leela School and becoming a Leela Therapist.  I am a mentor in the current 3 year group, and I have a small practice based out of Ashland, Oregon.

I am so grateful for the blessing of this community that is an offering of true support in surrender and awakening. If you would like to have a session with me, please email me at: to make an appointment.

Meeting Eli Jaxon-Bear in 2009 was a life-changing event for Stevie. Experiencing first-hand the powerful transformation that Eli is able to catalyze through hypnosis, NLP, and the Enneagram, Stevie discovered his true nature beyond mind. Since that time he has increasingly devoted his life to assisting in the awakening of others. Stevie completed the Leela School 3-year program and Leela Therapy Training in 2011, and since then has been a Leela School mentor for students on the spiritual path under Eli’s masterful guidance. He is excited and honoured to be appointed the executive director, as well as teacher and mentor, for the newly formed Leela School Australia.

Stevie’s background includes 25 years working in the medical field; he worked for 20 years as an ophthalmologist where he was frequently involved in training up-and-coming eye surgeons. He became drawn to the spiritual search in 2003 after an existential crisis caused him to re-evaluate the meaning, and direction, of his life.


It is a privilege and an honor to play the role of a True Friend and Therapist to those who are seeking support. The gift of the surrendered mind and the open heart that Eli gives to all those who come to him seeking truth, seeking peace and love, reverberates out through the community. Eli taught me the bliss of not knowing, not fixing, and not changing anything, whilst being committed to the deepest integrity and vigilance to psychological freedom, happiness and love. I offer myself in service to this deep support that Eli offered me.

After finishing my first 3 Year Group, acting as the Regional Coordinator for the Leela Foundation in Australia, and organizing the Australian tours for Eli and Gangaji since 2010, I began offering private sessions, as well as teaching the enneagram and holding retreats around Australia and NZ. For 1:1 sessions in Sydney Australia or over Skype to anywhere in the world, contact me at


Until Satsang came into my life in the mid 1990s, the best thing I had found was psychotherapy. I had just started studying psychology – and almost dropped it again, when the freedom revealed through Satsang made it seem superfluous at first. But as overwhelming and blissful my meetings with Papaji were, I would drop back into my old subconscious patterns of suffering. It was through the grace of meeting Eli, his uncompromising presence and the skills and insights of the Enneagram and Leela Therapy, that these habitual mechanisms were seen through and the integrity was built to stop indulging them – and that I re-discovered the use of psychotherapeutic tools, now in the service of awakening. Ever since, this has been the focus and fulfillment of my life, studies and practice.

I attended the first two 3year-groups in the US, and as I have been as lucky as to be able to translate for Eli and Gangaji in Germany, I got to attend all their events and also participate in all 3year-groups here. Throughout the different stages and forms of the Leela School over the course of the years, I have been involved in various functions and benefited immensely. I finished my studies at the university with a masters degree and thesis on “Satsang and Psychotherapy”, was assigned Leela Therapist by Eli in 1999, and have started building my private practice since. This has now taken the form of an office, the “practice for meditation and self-inquiry” in Hamburg, and the “Bodhisattva School”, both together with my partner Torsten, in which we pass on these precious gifts. To schedule an appointment, please call me at ++49 – 40 – 55 77 55 77 or e-mail

I met Gangaji on Maui in 1995, and was stopped in my tracks. Then, in 1999 at my first Enneagram Retreat with Eli, I saw with horror the tremendous suffering my 7 fixation was causing myself and others. I vowed to do whatever it takes to end the suffering. I spent 7 years in the Three Year Program with Eli and trained to be a Leela Practitioner. With Eli’s love and support, I discovered that this was truly my life’s work.

I have been joyfully working with clients since 2001, supporting them to deepen in the Silence and to inquire into the patterns and conditioning that are still causing suffering. I am so grateful to Eli and Gangaji for bringing the teachings of Ramana and Papaji into my consciousness and for teaching me how to use my skills as a therapist to support others in their Awakening.

I work with clients from all over the world, using skype and the telephone. I am happy to offer a complimentary session to anyone who would like to experience working with me. It is through Ramana’s Grace that I am able to do this Sacred work, and it is Ramana’s Grace that, thankfully, can be transmitted through computers and phone lines. This is Sacred work, and I often feel that I receive more than I give. I am so grateful! I can be contacted through email at, or on my skype line at 541-201-2663.

I have been associated with Eli, Gangaji and all incarnations of the Leela Foundation for the last 28 years. I met Eli and then Toni Varner at a month long hypnosis training at the Esalen Institute in 1989.  I was fortunate to have been at ground zero, attending intensive trainings on Maui in the spring of 1990 and 1991, immediately after Eli and then Gangaji’s initial contacts with Papaji.  I attended some of Ganagaji’s first satsangs during these years, and received certification as an Enneagram trainer, NLP trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Leela therapist as I trained with Eli and Gangaji.

I am an owner and the clinical director of a counseling organization that started out with 5 therapists, offering 24hr in-home crisis services to at-risk families in Central Pennsylvania as our initial function.  The naturally arising principles of True Friendship have enlivened and preserved a service organization that has grown to 60 therapists and 20 paid support staff, offering a range of permanency planning programs and resources for families.  In a field where turnover is the norm, approximately a third of our therapists have been together for 20 years and another third have been here for at least 12 years.  Four of the original six therapists are still together.  Our staff thrives in an atmosphere of Empowerment and Self Realization, where stress is consistently seen as opportunity.

I am always open, willing and available to anyone in their quest to discover the freedom that is available to them. I work with individuals and groups in the support of Eli and Gangaji’s teachings. I can be contacted via e-mail at

“Being Present” is my practice for inner journeys in Amsterdam.The most beautiful work I could imagine.

About my life: This life has been about being strong, independent and free. Working on the market in old Amsterdam I earned my studies, travels and a living for my family. Pain was often there in former relationships and made me search for Truth in many ways, for a lot of years.
Thank God Ramana Maharshi’s loving eyes pierced me when I was completely broken in divorce. His tender Love brought me to Eli, a Holy connection I surrendered to.

I really saw my fictation and how it works. Since then (2009) this behaviour gets clearer. And I can choose for a natural live instead of a survival technique. So fresh and new. Being Still. A Miracle unfolding. I can only serve This, which I was always looking for; Holy Connection, Home.

Every last Friday of the month we (Henk&me) have an open Eli-videosatsang in Bussum Holland. Be welcome!    0031640812311 cell phone. May all beings be happy and free.

Born with the desire for my teacher and freedom, I had tried many traditions and spiritual paths before  I met, through grace, Eli in 1999. Here my search came to an end. All the spiritual experiences and awakenings which I had experienced were nothing in comparison to what I found with and through Eli. He lead me to myself.
The Leela Therapy techniques and the participation in the 3-year training group, which I have participated in since 2000,  have been supportive in my development as a person and therapist. I work as an alternative medicine practitioner with specialization in chiropractic work, osteopathy, classic homeopathy and counseling. I’ve given various forms of self-development courses in continuing education schools and privately since 1990. Contact: , 0049 5971 796788
For Eli
The ocean in me flows with the tides of the universe
The rising sun of my heart follows the night
From antiquity to entertain you
Until I am exhausted and tired from the effort
I fall into your arms
And in the depths of your gaze disappear

In 1997 I met Eli in Satsang and in a private session, since then I fell in love with my beloved teachers Eli and Gangaji and committed myself to truth.

After several Enneagram retreats and 10 day retreats I started the European Three Year Group in 2002 and I am still attending it. In 2012 I took the first opportunity and did the Leela-Therapy certification in Baden-Baden.  Since 2010 I also enjoy being a member of the Bodisattva-School with Torsten Brügge and Dipl. Psych. Padma Wolff.

Since 1990 I have been working as a self-employed kinesiologist and with meeting Eli and Gangaji my work is now based on their teachings; I support people in silence and as a true friend in sessions.  

I am open to everyone who turns to me.

I live and work in Hamburg, Germany.

The Hamburg Sangha offers regularly Video Satsang with Eli and Gangaji in Hamburg-Altona.  For further information please contact me or: 


After having had a serious car accident in 2009 I met Eli, who pointed me back to the present moment. Eli invited me to welcome everything: even fear. “Things are perfect as they are. So simple. There is no next moment. It´s always here. The more you welcome everything – the deeper you can sink into yourself“.

Ever since I feel like my life is in service of love. I am so grateful for having met my beloved teacher and having enrolled in the 3 year program. With the skillful means I learned in following Eli for years, I love to accompany others in discovering the beauty of the present moment and inviting what ever wants to be invited and met.

I am working as a judge, mediator, yoga teacher and coach and give stressreduction workshops (The miracle of mindfulness). If you would like to have a session in English or German with me (telephone sessions are possible too) or take part in a workshop please contact me: 0049 (0) 179 6633202


From the first moment I met Gangaji and Eli in 2006 I foundHOME: my true heart, surrender and silence.I attended all of Eli’s Enneagram retreat, and I’m a certified Leela therapist. Since 2009 I’ve been part of the European 3-year group. In addition, I am a member of Padma Wolff’s and Torsten Bruegge’s group of Integral Supervision.

Eli’s work becomes more and more the foundation of my therapeutic practice. I was educated in adult education and psychology. Since 20 years I’ve been working as a licensed psychotherapist (person centered therapy, psychodrama, Focusing, EMDR), and coach in my own practice in Hamburg. ( Furthermore, I manage a company called: “Profittraining-Seminare & Coaching”(

For years my strongest identification was with being successful at work. My recent practice is on being effortless and on celebrating love in everything I do.

I am married and live in Northern Germany at the coast of the Baltic Sea near Eckernförde. My greatest teachers besides Gangaji and Eli are my mother who has Alzheimer’s disease, nature and the miracle and truth of life itself.

At the end of the 90s at a Satsang meeting in Hamburg I experienced a deep letting go of what I believed to be “I”.  Awareness beyond thoughts filled me with causeless joy.

How is it possible, that a construction of habits and emotional tendencies demand attention over and over again? To find the answer to that provided me with a thorough exploration of freedom and awareness.

Eli supported me, through his loving and unmoving presence at the 3 year meetings, to meet the desire of my heart: to accompany people with an open heart and a silent mind to meet what truly wants to be met or show up. Loving, clear, simple and quite.

I offer session as an Alternative Practitioner, Psychotherapie and Leela Coach in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstsein (near Mölln) Contact:

I met Gangaji and Eli in 2003 and my life has changed, I was home. My longing to be a therapist had always been present in my life, and in meeting Gangaji and Eli it has got ignited in a different and deeper way.  Later when I heard of Eli’s Leela therapy I was deeply touched and knew that I found what I had been looking for. I joined Eli’s Enneagram Retreat, the Lifting the Veils Retreat and the Three Year Group and became a Leela therapist in 2012. I deeply dedicate my life to the ever deepening love and silence that I have discovered to be myself and I am grateful to be part of this sangha and to be able to support others with an open heart and an open mind through Leela therapy.
I currently offer Leela therapy and Video Satsangs in the Eastern part of Hungary, in Hajdúszoboszló. You can contact me at or you can also go on my website  , where you may also find the Hungarian subtitled dvds that we have published.”

In 2007 I met my beloved master Gangaji for the first time and knew I was home. The years after my life chanced completely. Trough Gangaji I came to knew Eli and joined Eli’s Lifting the Veils Retreat, the Enneagram Retreat and was enrolled in the Three Year Group. In 2012 I became a Leela therapist.

I am a Psychologist, have a Diploma in education sciences with focus on counseling and psychotherapy and I am trained in Journey Therapy. Being born in South Tyrol (Italy) I am currently living and working in Austria (Innsbruck/Tyrol).

This life is deeply dedicated to the love and silence that we are. I can only serve This. I am so grateful to be part of this community and be able to support others with an open heart and a silent mind as a Leela therapist. If  you would like to have a session with me or join us in the video satsang, please email me at

Ray, a ten-year student of Eli and the Leela Foundation is a Certified Clinical Hynotherapist, a licensed NeroLinguistic Programmer, a Certified Trainer of the Enneagram, and also a ten year student of Transactional Analysis, has trained with several renown teachers at Esalen Institute.
His resume includes instruction Foster Parent, Group Home Staff, Alcohol and Drug, the Enneagram, and Personal Growth classes as an Adjunct Faculty in the California Junior College System as well as teaching intern Psychiatrists in the art of Hypnotherapy at Napa State Hospital.
At the present Ray conducts Enneagram groups, Za Zen meditation, along with one on one therapy at The Center for Higher Learning in South Lake Tahoe CA.
Ray and his daughter Kathy Rem have been published with a memoir, “Parallel Journeys”

I met Eli in 1999 at a retreat in Berlin, Germany and my life changed. I knew I had to dive deeper into what was calling me home so I moved to Bolinas to be close to Eli, and within a short time became Executive Director of the Leela Foundation. I had the honor of being by Eli’s side for 4 years in which time my heart cracked open wider and wider to Love. I have found this process to be never-ending and I am eternally grateful for the Grace that continues to flow through my life.

I currently have a private practice and run groups in San Rafael, CA where I guide true seekers into their hearts using mindfulness and embodiment, hypnosis, NLP as well as various movement practices. The work I am offering is for anyone who is committed to telling the truth and aligning with their life purpose.

To schedule a private session in person, on the phone or on Skype: (415) 215-2849 or Or visit my website:

Caroline Caroline
When I met Eli for the first time my heart was deeply touched and immediately broke open. Here was the Teacher of the Heart I had not been looking for, at least not consciously…

Then, it took more than ten years until the mind could finally follow the heart and surrender to Reality, to Freedom and true Peace.

This precious time of ripening and deepening in Eli’s loving and unwavering, unmoving presence offered and continues to offer the opportunity to stop and to see through the habits, illusions and fears of this structure and to discover and recognize without a doubt who we really are – That which is eternally present.

“All we have is our attention” says Eli. The grace of resting my attention deeply and single-pointedly on and in That is revealing in one instant and ever more deeply: my attention is That. I am That – there has never been and will never be anything else but That.

What a Joy and Blessing then to be available to Life, to You as That! And how could I not offer what my beloved Teacher has offered to me – the possibility for being a true friend, for supporting you in stopping the search on the outside, to inquire within, to find out what you really want and, ultimately, to recognize who you really are. contact:

What takes a lifetime can change in an instant.

No matter how far we travel in search of answers, what stands in our way is the limitation of our own perception. What we look for outside is innate, already existing, within. Only willingness is needed to make the change, to see through what limits us in truly being, to realize who we really are, and know in that our real potential.

After many a journey, learning, teaching and guiding, having joined the Three Year Group in Baden Baden, following Eli’s Enneagram-, Silent-, Weekend and Lifting the Veils Retreats in both Europe (Germany, Holland) and
on Maui, I became a Leela therapist in 2012.

If you are willing to make that change, or feel the need or wish to contact me for a session, why not right now: Amsterdam/Harlingen, the Netherlands


In first meeting Eli in 2002 a spontaneous opening happened.

I was flooded by Love, Silence and Vastness in a way I never had experienced before.

Years of deepening followed, beautiful experiences came and went, many tests in which I always felt supported by Eli’s unmoving presence.

In my work as a cranio therapist and osteopath, I have been able to use much of what Eli is offering so generously and time and again, I am witnessing how deeper recognition is happening  in the willingness to stop for a moment and see. That whatever we might be looking for is always and has already been here.

One of my favored sentences come from Papaji : “Don’t deny your own majesty.”

I’ve heard it many times until at a certain point absolute clarity and certainty appeared.

There is nothing to get, there is no search and no seeker… There is only this unspeakable awareness that I am and the free choice to always and uncompromisingly dedicate my full attention to that and to surrender myself ever more deeply. In this discovery I love being available as a true friend. Please contact

In meeting Eli I came to a halt.
The journeying and searching finally stopped.

Through the powerful techniques Eli offered,
and with his loving guidance I learned to know my Self.

The wounding healed in silence.
From that silence, I am here to meet you. 
Harlingen and Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I never knew I was looking for a particular teacher until I met Eli in 2009. Those loving, piercing eyes looking right through the idea of “me”, instantly seeing and making me see who I am. The discovery of “I” has been deepening ever since.
I enrolled in the three year program and am ever so grateful for the simple tools that were taught. Things were learned and mostly un-learned and what remains is being a true friend. Being a true friend means being fully present with an open heart and quiet mind and asking the right questions in order to penetrate the lies we constantly tell ourselves. What is left is here and now and the realization that there is nothing wrong with the present moment.
If you would like to have a session with me please contact me: or 06-27040667. I am based in Amsterdam.
I would love to work with you.

When seeing a picture of Sri Ramana Marharshi years ago the inexplainable longing that I had felt for a very long time finally found it´s silent answer.
By grace I then learned about Eli & Gangaji and met them in Germany   in 2002.
Since then I´ve been participating in the Enneagram Retreats, Silent Retreats and 3-Year-Group Meetings of my beloved teachers, both in Europe as well as in the US wehre I became a Leela Therapist  at the Leela School.
I am eternally grateful to Eli for the loving support in presence and clarity, unmoving and with an open heart. So that It became possible for me to open, to recognize, to stop, to deepen… . Ever since my live is given to Love, Silence an Truth.  In this way I love being available for an appointment at

To direct my attention to what is already free now, shining from within.
To then unexpectedly fall into my warm free heart. So simple.
And surprisingly, there is so much Love and all the effort of being a someone crumbles into nothing but Joy.
I am so grateful to Eli and Gangaji because they taught me to look into that direction at all.
As a true friend I pass on this blessing and be available. Contact:

Being a True Friend
Laying down all distractions in body, mind & heart
Laying down person, age, gender, past & future
Falling in rest, floating in deepness
Vigilant in the freedom of
Not knowing, not doing & not moving
Meeting what never moves,
What’s always Here
To abide as That
In the glow of full attention
Truth is revealed, healing occurs
So simple, easy & ordinary
Such relief
Meeting without difference
Meeting Beyond the Beyond
In gratitude for Eli
I may offer you this service of
Being a True Friend – 0031655883599


When I met my teacher Eli, I recognised his unconditional love.
I was afraid of his love.
This fear has led me into this freedom. And I am so Happy!
Eli showed me that I don’t know anything, that I don’t have to do anything.
He always said to me, “Be a Nobody”, and here I am…. A Nobody
He showed me that I am perfect with my imperfection , so I am not perfect at all,..
Being a true friend gives me an opportunity to share my love with other people .

I live in the Netherlands, I offer sessions as a true friend, and fysicaltherapist.
My practice is in Maarssen. You are always welcome. Please feel free to contact me by email at : or find me on my website

I met Eli in 1999 in Switzerland.
Looking in his deep loving eyes, I immediately realized that was Home, back to my- the heart .
Grace had brought me at my teacher feet. Huge gratitude.
I joined the 3 years group for many years till Eli’s sickness stopped him teaching , then came back to Eli’s sangha. I followed the Enneagram and Lifting the Veils retreats.
In 2012, I got certified as a TRUE FRIEND, Leela coach.

I currently offer sessions, and  small group workshop in Monthey, close to Montreux and the swiss mountains, in the  french part of Switzerland. To me, there is no more beautiful work one can wish for, sharing Eli’ s powerful tools together with Ramana and Papaji Grace. This sessions are a possibility  to discover the emotions, beliefs, conditionings which veil our true nature. A path to more Consciousness, Peace and Joy.

You can contact me at : or call me 0041 (0)79 204 08 23.
Welcome. In love and gratitude.  Dominique

When I first met Eli in 2002 I already had had experiences of stillness and stopping inside. My first question to Eli was “how can I deepen silence?” and his answer was “by falling in love with it”. I didn’t understand it then but Eli also gave me the gift of deep trust. By sticking with “falling in love with silence” and surrendering to it everything has deepened in wonderful ways.

Out of that silence and into that silence I invite you as a True Friend to see what wants to be seen. To meet, what has to be met. And – without me knowing what you will discover – to realize what you truly are.

I am availabe for sessions by telephone and Skype as well as in person in and around Speyer, Germany.

Every Monday in Speyer I offer an open hour with a guided meditation followed by silent sitting. You are most welcome. Contact:



When I met Gangaji and Eli in 2009, I had been searching for many years for a spiritual teaching that felt right and true on the deepest level. Meeting them, I knew instantly that I was home. So simple! So close! So ever-present! Every word felt like something I had always known. Since then I have been at their feet, marveling at how this wisdom just keeps on giving, deeper and deeper, as you give yourself. Commitment and surrender have been my allies in this never-ending discovery. The Leela school has taught me skillful means to give back some of what I have received, through Enneagram, trance-work and developing the ability to be a True Friend. These skills have profoundly enriched and enhanced my training as a psychotherapist.

I work as a licensed psychotherapist in Santa Cruz California. I have a private practice and also work as a supervisor for the local county mental health department. If you would like to arrange a session with me, either in person or on Skype, you can contact me at or through my website where you can also get further information about my practice.

It is the astonishing gift of my life to have discovered freedom in the midst of suffering. It is the honor of my life to have the opportunity to be in this kind of conversation with other humans who are seeking truth, peace and healing.


Heart as hearth, I am home.

 Blessed beyond words by the Living Truth transmission of Ramana’s Silence & Papaji’s Roar, life changed irrevocably upon meeting my Beloved Teachers:
 Eli Gangaji Mooji Jared Lisa. Love has no name but if it did, it would wear theirs.
 The house of gratitude that is my life now offers Leela therapy from the sacred foundation of true friendship. Nestled in the bearhug mountains of Nelson, BC, Canada, I welcome sessions online or on foot, in chair or in tree.
meeting you as you are ~ discover the wellspring that is you
Welcome Home!
You are Awareness itself… you are pure unmoving Silence, Peace and Love. By being still, by truly meeting all that arises you can recognize this deeper and deeper, becoming a true friend to yourself and to the world.

Through Buddhism and other alternative practices, this life was graced with a true awakening very early on. Not long after, I was led to meet Gangaji and to join a summer full of meetings with her in 1992. I also met Eli at this time and attended my first Enneagram retreat. It was truly a summer of Love… Their unexpected appearance in this life honored and celebrated this Truth of One Self, this ultimate recognition of pure empty awareness. Love soon called me even further to the feet of Beloved Papaji and to Arunachala itself. After a blessed year with Papaji, I found myself working at the Gangaji Foundation and eventually the Leela Foundation in 1999. This is when Eli’s presence and trainings became a part of my day to day life and when my studies as a Leela Therapist truly began.

I am grateful and honored to be offering support here. Thanks to Eli’s clear transmission and teachings, my work as a Leela Therapist is rooted in truth and love… It is a solid foundation for true support and a perfect compliment to my studies in awareness based therapies such as Hakomi, Focusing and Trauma Touch Therapy. I have worked in the healing arts for over 25 years and being of service is a great joy and a true privilege. My approach as a therapist is gentle and kind with silence and stillness being key… We are here to love and support each other, so feel free to join me in this ever deepening exploration and discovery of what is truly Here.

If you’d like to hear more about my work or to schedule a free introductory session, please contact me at

This Heart
This Endless Silence

Is so Precious
So Simple
So Pure
Very soon after I discovered Eli, I heard him speak about love.  He said, ‘love is a better parent, a better lover, a better friend than “you” can ever be.’  As I continued to examine myself, it has become more and more clear that love is not an abstract notion but is actual living intelligence; a wisdom of the heart.  It is through Eli’s teaching and the Leela School that this realization continues to be revealed.  I have seen that when we show up as empty available love, that is what we transmit and that is what is ultimately wanted from the world.  I am truly honored to offer this role as True Friend; receiving, sharing and spreading this gift of a quiet mind and an open heart.  This is a true meeting of love and openness.
To schedule a session, please contact me at