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Leela School Mentors have committed to more than 3 years training with the Leela School and with Eli. They have a high level of proficiency with the skills and a depth of self-realization that allows them to support students in the Leela School courses and mentor students in both personal awakening from the trance of suffering, as well as the use of the skills to support others.

Barry McQuinn
I met Gangaji and Eli at an open meeting in Sydney in 2009.
As Gangaji began to speak I felt deeply drawn to her transmission of purity and truth and a strong desire arose in me to discover the truth of myself. I joined Eli’s Enneagram Retreat that followed and found it an enlightening discovery of fixation, a detailed view of the habituated patterning of the mind and a glimpse into peace itself. I stayed true to this discovery and joined a 3 year group with Eli, where in this supportive environment the ground of truth deepened. In 2016 I joined the Leela School and I feel very blessed to have received the gift of Eli’s teaching and to have such love and support offered to me through this process.

Little bit of story.
Most of my adult working life has been in building as a private contractor and it has been the mainstay for over 30 years. More recently I have used my working circumstance as an offering for young men as a way of imparting skills, wisdom and grounding.
Throughout my life I have been a spiritual seeker focusing on areas such as Buddhist meditation and Psychotherapy I have worked as a counselor for private individuals and co facilitated Men’s groups with many different themes.
The recognition of true self has naturally unfolded with the meeting of Gangaji and Eli and more recently through the Leela school. I found the Leela school trainings incredibly useful for myself, in particular the teaching of True Friend and as part of this natural unfolding there is a desire and deepening gratitude to serve this loving truth.
In gratitude and Love
Barry Mcquinn
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Heidi Heidi Polzin

It was at an Enneagram Retreat in 2002 in Hamburg that I met Eli for the first time.
Without ever searching for a teacher and even though in the beginning, I understood only a fraction of what he was saying, it immediately became clear to me that I had found a real teacher.
In some way his words went into the depths by themselves and were heard from something that had always been there. 
His invitation to discover and to be true to this deeper quality of being which is present in each and every one of us has been so convincing for me that I consistently followed it from then on. 
The enneagram and the therapeutic skills of  NLP and clinical hypnosis have proven to be powerful tools to uncover how we veil this precious treasure in us. 
When used responsibly it’s like a map that helps us find our way home. 
 In 2006 I started with the training in Leela Therapy.  
 In my daily work as an osteopath for adults and babies, these techniques and the unshakable knowledge of our true identity naturally flow into it. 
 In Silence I can recognize that there is a natural intelligence shining through in everyone that you can follow with your hands or some therapeutic interventions.
  I am happy to assist you in looking through the various veils to finally discover your own radiant self.
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