The Leela Foundation
Dedicated to world peace and freedom through universal self-realization

True Friends

Leela School True Friends have been certified and approved as Leela Practitioners, having attended the requisite levels of Leela Skills Training with Eli and having been through a period of testing where sessions are offered, reported on and evaluated.  All are grounded in silence; the most essential requirement of a Leela Practitioner. They are qualified to give sessions to those needing refection and support. We encourage you to get in touch with someone in your area to experience a Leela Therapy session and the power of this work.

USA and Canada

Joanna Moody
Santa Cruz, CA US

Gila Novack
Nelson, BC Canada

Joey Bloom
Ashland, OR US

Lisa Metschuleit
The Villages, FL US

Nexus Nichols
Portland, OR US

Laura Shaw
Golden, BC Canada

Casey Frieder
Ashland, OR US

Marlise Witschi
Vernon, BC Canada

Terry Shultz
State College, PA US

Margot Gedert
Chama, NM US

Patricia Huse
Waianae, HI US

Christiane Gude
Oakland, CA US


Australia and New Zealand

Bianca Lovelock
Wentworth Falls, AU
0408 197 405

Jonathan Wald
Paddington, AU

Cate Taylor
Byron Bay, AU
0407 844 491

Josh Hall
Brisbane, AU
+61 410 420 025

Crea Land
Auckland, NZ
+64 27 2929189

Vicky Puig
Lawson, AU

Natasa Radonic
Wollongong, AU
0400 501 142

Julia Green
Byron Bay, AU
0411 573 222

Roger Green
Byron Bay, AU
0427 673 222



Padma Wolff
Hamburg, Germany
 ++49 – 40 – 55 77 55 77

Susanna Breinholt
Hojbjerg, Denmark

Maya Oppenlander
Aljezur, Portugal
00351 936 185 073

Sylvia Hiemstra
Berlin, Germany

Caroline Wiedemann
Bad Schwalbach, Germany

Ute Jager
Villingen, Germany

Dominique Cettou
Choex, Switzerland
0041 (0)79 204 08 23

Johannes von Gwinner
Berlin, Germany
Phone +49 163 47 11 777

Lucie Voskuil
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
0031 (0)6 27040667

Henk Engelenburg
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Monique Engelenburg-Smits
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Marja Harrijvan
Oostwoud, then Netherlands

Priti Coles
Amsterdam, then Netherlands

Angela Loffelman
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mischa Gluck
Ingolstadt, Germany

Yolan Biemans
Nijverdal, the Netherlands

Marie-Christine de Kroon
Den Haag, the Netherlands

Marjolein Marcus
Vleuten, the Netherlands