Enneagram Articles

Journey to the Land Down Under

Article by Carol WienerPublished in "Enneagram Monthly", 1995 When I arrived at Eli Jaxon-Bear's three week retreat in Sedona, Arizona, I didn't have a lot of expectations. Instead I had a very subtle, dare I say, cockiness that there really wasn't much of anything I...

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The Soul of the Six

Essay, 1995 This essay is in response to an earlier essay about the Six fixation presented at the International Enneagram Conference. In the first essay the author used a metaphor of all the different fixations approaching the...

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Eights: The Outlaw Mentality

Essay, 1995 The Eight fixation is wrapped around Two at the core. The Eight often flaunts the pride that the Two can so skillfully mask. The Eight is either proud of being the best or the worst. The flaunting of the pride is the defense against the deep hurt of...

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“When you can recognize who you are not, then there is a possibility to wake up and discover who you really are.”