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Leela Saturdays – Online Memberships

Papaji told Eli that those who are ready to hear this message of freedom would be attracted to this teaching.  With that, it is our intention to make this sacred teaching available to all those that have heard the call.  In this time of global retreat where meeting in person is not currently possible, we want to offer the global community of truth seekers other opportunities to stay connected.

Please choose a monthly membership option that works for you. Tier description listed below. For questions please email info@leela.org.


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Option 1: $19 per month for a monthly meeting with Eli on Zoom 
Each month at a set time and day, Eli will host a live online meeting, with questions and answers. A profound opportunity to meet in truth.

Option 3: $29 per month for Leela Saturdays with Eli + Video Satsang
Join both the weekly video Satsangs, and monthly live online calls with Eli, with a nearly 15% discount for the combined offerings.

All Meetings are online.

Weekly Video Satsang Meetings are included with all Option 2 memberships. Those meetings are currently scheduled for Fridays at 1pm Pacific Time.

The following dates are the live meetings with Eli. All of these are scheduled for Saturdays at 1pm Pacific Time.

September 11, 2021
October 16, 2021
November 13, 2021
December 11, 2021

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