Retreat with Eli and Jared: Ego or True Self: The Enneagram of Essence


February 9 – February 12, 2018
Auckland, New Zealand

The Ego or True Self? Retreat is both for those who already are familiar with their fixation and are ready to go deeper and those not yet familiar with the self-inquiry possible with this powerful wisdom mirror. 


“The great gift of the Enneagram is that it exquisitely describes who you are not. It shows the veiling of true consciousness by habits of egoic identification. When these habits of mind are revealed, there is a clear choice to end the false identification and realise your true nature” Eli.

The Ego or True Self? Retreat is both for those who already are familiar with their fixation and are ready to go deeper and those not yet familiar with the self-inquiry possible with this powerful wisdom mirror. If you are called to true liberation in this life-time, our time together can be a conscious reflection and self-reflection to see the pitfalls and traps of false identification and the confirming signs of the arising of true essence.

As all powerful medicine can also be a poison, the misuse of the enneagram can be a great burden of mind. To be identified with a fixation is to add another layer of ego. To ignore fixation is to let ego run unchecked.

This is a teaching of the middle path. The middle path is the way of self-knowledge and stopping. We will meet together to explore what is deeper and unexamined in the quest for true freedom and establishment. This environment of self-inquiry assists us in realizing how we re-identify with our personal story of suffering and supports true liberation.

For those of you who have already benefitted from the Enneagram and want to explore more deeply the intricacies of character fixation with a master of the Enneagram – this retreat is for you!


Tuition: $470 (NZD)




Taitamariki Hall (Girl Guides Hall)
8 Auburn St, Takapuna 
Auckland, New Zealand
(Entrance opposite Como Street)

Auckland Accommodation

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest City. The airport is situated in South Auckland and you will need to catch a bus, shuttle, taxi or hire a car to where you are staying. The Gangaji and Eli retreats are to be held at the Taitamariki Hall (Girl Guides Hall) at 8 Auburn St, Takapuna and situated in on the North Shore which is over the Harbour Bridge from the Auckland CBD. Takapuna is situated on a north facing beach and there are many other beaches on the North Shore and in wider Auckland.  The Waitakere Ranges are to the West of Auckland and a lovely place to visit with many great walks. The drive from the Airport to the CBD in a car will take you approximately 45 minutes and from the CBD to Takapuna about 20 minutes. These times don’t account for peak travel times.  The accommodation below is around Takapuna but there are many great places to stay on the North Shore and in the greater Auckland area. Please consider searching on the web for the best prices. It is best to book early as it will be summertime here in New Zealand and January is during our school holidays, we also have two public holidays on 29th January and 6th February which can bring in many visitors to Auckland.

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Meeting Times

  • Meeting Schedule:
  • Check-in between 6:30pm and 7:00pm
  • Friday Feb 9: Opening Meeting 7:30pm
  • Saturday Feb 10 & Sunday Feb 11: Three Meetings per day, 11am, 4pm and 7:30pm
  • Monday Feb 12: Last Meeting 11am
  • Each Meeting lasts approximately 60-90 minutes


Event Cancellation Fee

$50 until 30 days before the retreat start date or the entire amount in case of cancellation within 30 days of the event start date.