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  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear and Gangaji

    Living Freedom – Meeting with Eli and Gangaji

    All over the world, people are imprisoned—behind walls of cement and steel, within political borders patrolled by armed guards, and within rigidly enforced systems of fundamentalist belief. It is possible to wake up to the truth of oneself even under these conditions.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear - Papaji Video Pack

    Papaji Video Pack

    This package deal includes 4 beautifull video's with Papaji! you receive a 20% discount. 

    • Papaji: Who Are You?: interview with Jeff Greenwald.
    • Delight, Bliss and Beyond: Satsang with Papaji.
    • Return to Silence: Satsang with Papaji.
    • Give me Enlightenment Please! Satsang with Papaji.
  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear - Papaji Video Pack

    Papaji: Delight, Bliss and Beyond

    In Delight, Bliss and Beyond, Papaji speaks about the value of an association with a guru. He then goes on to answer a question oftentimes heard in satsang, “I got it when I was with you, but then I lost it when I went home”. How do I maintain this understanding at all times?” He also speaks about the trap of any association or reflection on the past. 

    Recording November 21, 1992.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear - Papaji Video Pack

    Papaji: Give me Enlightenment, Please!

    In this DVD Papaji stresses the fact that one must not only give up the search for enlightenment but, more importantly, the idea that there is one who can engage in a search. He says that the “I” is the only hindrance to the realization of the truth of who one is. The seeker is the problem. He then tells the viewer how to let go of the concept of “I” and, in fact, all concepts…

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear - Papaji Video Pack

    Papaji: Return to Silence

    The theme that runs throughout this compilation (extracts from several satsangs) is “Silence”. Papaji states, and demonstrates, that Silence is one's real, and permanent, nature. He goes on to say that Silence is the ground and substance of everything in existence. He also answers the question, “Can one be silent while being active in the world?”… 

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear

    Seeds of Awakening – Meeting with Eli

    In this meeting, Eli uses the metaphor of a farmer sharing seeds to illustrate the transmission received in satsang from a spiritual teacher.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear and the Enneagram

    Self Realization and The Enneagram

    This 2 DVD set has three compelling discourses, Eli Jaxon-Bear offers fresh insight into Self, Realization and the Enneagram

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear and Gangaji

    Space for it All – Meeting with Eli and Gangaji

    In this meeting, Gangaji and Eli invite us to directly experience everything that arises in each moment, internally or externally-without judging it or naming it, without grasping or avoiding it, without projecting our past experience onto it.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear

    Staying True – Meeting with Eli

    “The heart has to find what’s true by making mistakes, by going in the wrong direction. Depending on your intention, everything is useful or everything is poison. You have to know what your intention is, and be true to it. Then, you realise that you already are what you’re searching for. The search ends. Suffering ends.” – Eli