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    Who Are You? Retreat with Gangaji and Eli

    November 22 - November 26
    Mullumbimby, Australia

    In our time together we will explore, reflect and realize the living possibility of an examined life. Together we will find the traps to freedom, the power of silence and the gateway to a life of true love.


    Intensive Retreat with Eli

    September 30 - October 7
    Baden Baden, Germany

    “I have been coming to our community of truth seekers in Germany since 1985. My body is aging and our time has run out. This will be the last Intensive Retreat in Germany. I invite you to join with us if you are called from your heart” ~ Eli


    Ego or True Self: The Enneagram of Essence with Eli

    November 29 - December 3
    Mullumbimby, Australia

    The Ego or True Self? Retreat is both for those not yet familiar with the self-inquiry possible with this powerful wisdom mirror and for those who already are familiar with their fixation and are ready to go deeper.


    The Leela School US – Ego or True Self: The Enneagram for Awakening, Module 3

    August 5 - August 9
    Ashland, Oregon

    A five day Enneagram retreat for awakening through insight into egoic fixation. Registration is limited to 30 people.