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  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear

    Guided Meditations 1 – With Eli Jaxon-Bear


    Eli's guided meditations are designed to assist one in their effort to stop their mind.  Through his choice of words and his calming voice, one can easily drop everything and fall into a state of deep quiet; deep relaxation.  It can be so nourishing and blissful to our minds and bodies to have this opportunity to simply allow everything to naturally fall away.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear and Gangaji

    Living Freedom – Meeting with Eli and Gangaji

    All over the world, people are imprisoned—behind walls of cement and steel, within political borders patrolled by armed guards, and within rigidly enforced systems of fundamentalist belief. It is possible to wake up to the truth of oneself even under these conditions.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear

    MP3 – From Fixation to Freedom – CD Set


    In 12 entertaining lectures, and with the help of men and women sharing examples from their own lives, Jaxon-Bear guides you through the 9 points of the Enneagram, examining the fixations that are unique to each one of them, their relationships with each other, and how they offer a way from fixation to freedom. While sharing the same title as Eli’s book, this 8 CD set is a unique offering.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear

    Seeds of Awakening – Meeting with Eli

    In this meeting, Eli uses the metaphor of a farmer sharing seeds to illustrate the transmission received in satsang from a spiritual teacher.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear and Gangaji

    Space for it All – Meeting with Eli and Gangaji

    In this meeting, Gangaji and Eli invite us to directly experience everything that arises in each moment, internally or externally-without judging it or naming it, without grasping or avoiding it, without projecting our past experience onto it.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear

    Staying True – Meeting with Eli

    “The heart has to find what’s true by making mistakes, by going in the wrong direction. Depending on your intention, everything is useful or everything is poison. You have to know what your intention is, and be true to it. Then, you realise that you already are what you’re searching for. The search ends. Suffering ends.” – Eli

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear with Papaji

    The Quickest Way to Enlightenment – Papaji


    This 3-CD set presents Papaji’s transmission in three unique settings. The Secret of Devotion is a private interview that takes place at Papaji’s dining room table. Papaji reveals the teaching of the “Two Wings of the Bird of Freedom: Devotion and Inquiry.”

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear

    Truth of Your Nature – Meeting with Eli

    In this meeting, Eli delivers a message that may come as a surprise. If you’re trying to attain a peaceful state, you’re gong in the wrong direction.

  • Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear

    Wake Up and Roar: Satsang with Papaji – Audio CD’s


    8 CD Set
    Narrated by Eli Jaxon-Bear and Prince Ea.