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Essays on Awakening

Waking up & The Tower of Babel

A Temple up to Heaven   What do you see when you look at this painting? Does it evoke the bible story? We have a story explaining what the Tower of Babel represents and what Babylon was. The Bible or The Five Books of Moses tells us that the Tower of Babel is where...

Who’s Making Love?

Sex and Spirituality We’re going to look at a true issue in our community, which almost never gets addressed. It’s the issue of sexuality and spirituality and how we think of love. Religion addresses sexuality through morals and we’ve now all seen through that....

Enchantment & Entrainment

Welcome to this sacred space This is a sacred space and we're here for the most sacred reason. We're here for liberation. Liberation is the realization of who you are; it is the unspoken transmission and the formless teaching of the Leela School. Liberation is really...

Teachers: Doing and Being

I’ve been very lucky in my life to have had many wonderful teachers. One of my teachers was a Taoist teacher; I spent three years with him and learned so much. He was a teacher of form. Most teachers in the world are teachers of form, as were my Tibetan Buddhist...

Breaking Free of Imaginary Gods & Demons

Ending the Superego’s Power of Enslavement What does “Breaking Free of Imaginary Gods & Demons” have to do with waking up and being free? “Breaking free” is about self-examination or looking at yourself to see what you haven’t seen before. One of the ways to do...

The Desire for Happiness

"Your true nature is happiness and bliss" - Ramana Maharshi   Everyone wants to be happy. This is a universal component of the human condition, and may seem so self-evident that it does not bear noting. Even those who intensely hate themselves or do violence to...

What is Satsang?

Interview with Connections Magazine for May, 2001 issue What is satsang? Satsang is sitting with a fully realized teacher who transmits silence and realization. Anyone can speak the words of satsang. My teacher, Papaji used to say you can teach a parrot to speak the...

Five Traps to Avoid in the Pursuit of Happiness

Conscious Connection Magazine, June 17, 2018 Our Declaration of Independence states that we are all created equal and enjoy the rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The sad joke here is that the “pursuit of happiness” almost never leads to lasting...

Supreme Yoga of Non-Ado

Lucknow, India • Originally created March, 2013 Yoga is the cessation of the turning of thought. When thought ceases spirit stands in its true identity as observer of the world. Patanjali   Ultimately, if you are a sincere yogi interested in liberation, or a...

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I can’t find words to express how useful Eli’s teaching and the Leela School have been in supporting my own self-discovery and in deeping my capacity to serve others. I am forever grateful!

- Casey F.

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We are committed to the whole world waking up from the personal trance of suffering. We can make a difference one heart and one mind at a time

The Enneagram of Liberation

“The great gift of the Enneagram is that
it exquisitely describes who you are not.
It shows the veiling of true consciousness
by habits of egoic identification“ ~ Eli


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