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Reclaim Your Heart Summit - Interview with Debra Hammond









"Love is Trustworthy" - A conversation with Gangaji and Eli




  Positive Mind with Armand DiMele 'Touching the Heart of the Matter'
Eli discusses the opportunity for self-investigation that a tragedy such as 9/11 offers. 'In the shatering is a great oportunity. Theres been a psychic wound. Theres been a hole torn in the fabric of the trance of our time.'




    Eli's Interview with Pavitar on 'Love, Life and Laughter' 99.9 Bay FM, Byron Bay




  Eli on the Shift Network's "Sacred Awakening Series"





From Fixation to Freedom - What is the Enneagram of Liberation?
Gerhard Bronn, President of the Macquarie University Psychology Society in Sydney Australia asks: What is the Enneagram and where did it come from? How can the Enneagram be used to serve the spiritual awakening process? Are you unique in the way you present the Enneagram for this spiritual awakening process? If you would take this into the context of most psychological settings I feel that they would have a real issue with the concept of non-duality, could you explain this to us? And in what ways can the Enneagram be used in a theraputic practice or setting?





Intergal Life - Future of Love Series - What is Enlightenment?
An Interview with Eli and Gangaji

As part of the Intergal life ongoing teleseminar with well known spiritual teachers and authors regarding the integral evolution of love, Dr. Mark Gafni asks Gangaji and Eli: What is enlightenment? What is its relationship to love? Is there a genuine connection between the classic realization of enlightenment and the way one lives in authentic relationship? How does enlightenment affect the way we show up as lovers in the world? Why is it that we seem to meet masters who hold some genuine realization of enlightenment, but who do not necessarily show up in full integrity in relationship? To listen to upcoming live interviews for free on The Future of Love Teleseries with the world’s leading visionaries, spiritual teachers, thinkers and leaders you can sign up at




  Global Vision - Jefferson Public Radio
Wake Up and Roar

Colleen Pyke of Jefferson Public Radio asks Elii about the Collector's edition of Wake up and Roar: What prompted you to write the book 'Wake Up and Roar'? Papaji, who is your teacher, also known as HWL Poonja, can you tell us a little bit about him? You have had some ups and downs with cancer are you learning about cancer?