Staying True – Meeting with Eli (Stream/Download Video)



60 minute recorded session with Meeting with Eli. Purchase allows access to download or streaming version.

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"The heart has to find what’s true by making mistakes, by going in the wrong direction. Depending on your intention, everything is useful or everything is poison. You have to know what your intention is, and be true to it. Then, you realize that you already are what you’re searching for. The search ends. Suffering ends." – Eli

Whatever we are paying attention to is what we are giving our life to. If we are paying attention to the thoughts that make up our personal story, we are serving the ego. It doesn’t matter whether the thoughts are of a “someone” who is happy or sad, healthy or sick, enlightened or unenlightened, doing a good job or a terrible job. In this meeting, Eli invites us to wake up to who we really are — formless, timeless, silent, intelligent love — and to stay true by giving our attention, and therefore our life, to that.


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