Chasing the smoke – Missing the fire (Stream/Download Video)



60 minute recorded session with Meeting with Eli Jaxon-Bear. Purchase allows access to download or streaming version.

New York NY
September 10, 2004

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We are here for only one reason—liberation. Everything else is really beside the point.

For many People in the spiritual community, moments of awakening seem conditional, depending on what is being experienced. The most profound insights, the deepest awakenings, seem to disappear as the personal 'story' reappears in the foreground: My name, my body, my job, my emotions, my relationships, my past and future...

The tendency is to remember the feeling state that accompanied the awakening , and seek to regain it. But these states are all byproducts, and chasing them is a form of self-deception, "It's like chasing the smoke and missing the fire."

Freedom is our true nature, regardless of experience or circumstance. The possibility is for that to be realized, directly. For those who have realized this, Eli exposes the subtle traps that then often arise.


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