The Sangha in Hungary and my experience of the Leela Therapy

by | Oct 23, 2011 | Letters & Poems

Dearest Eli and Everyone, No escape :). Last weekend I was literally taken to a sangha where I was asked to give a video-satsang and talk about my insights. Mysteriously a friend of mine called me last week to join him and talk in front of a group of people at the weekend. They usually meet every month but the leader of the group became ill. After this satsang, I really experienced what Papaji said:” I’ve never given satsang, I always only receive satsang.” At the end of the day I got so deeply silent, there was just space, love, peace, oneness, gratitude. Although there was so much silence and love the day before the event, of course when I got there I had to face my fear of losing control :), the stupidness of wanting to meet other people’s needs, the fear of I will not be loved and I will be judged.. etc, and all kinds of fears that usually come with the 6 fixation. And the greatest thing is that the fear was there but IT DID NOT MATTER. I was used by Grace anyway. It was really burning in me but deep inside there was so much trust! First we showed a subtitled DVD of Gangaji and Eli, called Living Freedom. There were different reactions to it. But it was so beautiful that none of them was taken personally. There was such love between the members of the group. And really in Hungary (well in this part) I have never felt this kind of spirit of Sangha before. I always only felt it with the Gangaji and Eli groups. I am so touched that satsang has started to spread in this part of the world too! So after we watched the DVD, a woman in the group just stopped and said: Well I am a talkative person, but now I cannot say anything I am so touched, something has stopped. Although I could not read every subtitle, but what was shining through the presence of Gangaji and Eli blew my mind. It was so beautiful to see this!!During lunch everybody shared their experience and there were some discussions about awakening. So in the afternoon I said, well it is time to experience it for themselves right now, what is here, what is it that they truly want. All of the sudden I felt huge fear again, but somehow I was just noticing it and right away I felt how silly the thought was that generated the fear. The thought was: Oh, my God, what is going to Happen? What if everybody opens, or if the exercise brings up all kinds of stuff in them or if they will not like it… 🙂 I saw this and in that moment I smiled that I am not in charge, it is going by itself… So, I know that most of you probably have already done Eli’s Lifting the Veil program, and I chose one of the exercises we learned there. So people had to get in pairs and they were doing some repeating questions. Actually I chose quite a long one, where there are about six kinds of questions.  🙂 They need to find a problem they have in everyday life which they would like to examine and catch the point where they falsely identify themselves with the trance. So the first question is: Who is to blame? What do you really want? etc…and at the end: How does it happen emotionally, mentally, physically?… I have never in my life lead a group, so it was kind of medias res with the Leela therapy tool. But my Godness the gift it gave me is unbelievable. First I saw that the reaction of some of the people was:” Well, what problem? I do not have a problem. There is no such thing as a problem. It is no use doing this. I do not even exist.” But you could feel the huge resistance behind.  Anyway they also did it, and I am sure it was useful for them too. The others who were willing to fully participate were already showing the gift of the exercise on their faces, with their look. Sometimes there were impatience present in the room, like, oh is there still another question? Some felt first it was a burden. But that was ok too, and all along I could see that all can be here. But in the end when I said to them to close their eyes, and ask themselves what if the whole thing is a trance induction? And in that moment I even more deeply realised what I realised with you Eli at the Lifting the Veil retreat, that: somehow the exercise itself was a trance induction. And I said: Aaaaah…, the real gift of an exercise (it was generated in me by those people who were resistant to the exercise) is to realise what is here before the exercise, during the exercise and after the exercise. So I said in the “meditation” afterwards. See what feelings were evoked by the exercise, become one with it, and see what is deeper. And what is alway here? And there was such deepening by this. I did not want to open my eyes or say a thing, just loving them and loving them and seeing that there are no boundaries. And I can truly say that really being a true friend is to have an open heart and an open mind and all benefit from it. It does not matter what exercise you choose when you are with another friend or group of friends, it is really really the silent mind and open heart and everything is a gift. Some of the people, since they have never met and done Self-inquiry before, were really amazed how deep these simple and essential questions have penetrated. They were truly grateful. And by seeing this I was even more touched and more grateful and silent. It was also a confirmation that my wish to show this simple method of realising oneself is really welcomed here and there are more and more people who are open to this. So I say I am here, use me love and Grace as you do anyway… It is really amazing that people/groups find me, I do not force a thing… I just offer myself, despite of the possible upcoming fear…:) Really the personal disappears… It is so beautiful to be part of this all… I love you all, and hear you on Saturday! In deep gratitude and love, one… Adrienn


“When you can recognize who you are not, then there is a possibility to wake up and discover who you really are.”