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    From Fixation to Freedom

    The Enneagram has appeared in our time as an illusory medicine to cure an imaginary disease. The disease is the egoic idea of separation from God, from one’s true source. The cure is to look into the…


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    Lasting Fulfillment – A Weekend Retreat with Eli and Gangaji

    We are here in the service of the whole world waking up. This is what will bring world peace and freedom. It starts with each one of us. Its starts with you


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    Living Freedom – Meeting with Eli and Gangaji

    All over the world, people are imprisoned—behind walls of cement and steel, within political borders patrolled by armed guards, and within rigidly enforced systems of fundamentalist belief. It is poss…


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    The Quickest Way to Enlightenment – Papaji

    This 3-CD set presents Papaji’s transmission in three unique settings. The Secret of Devotion is a private interview that takes place at Papaji’s dining room table. Papaji reveals the teaching of the…


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