Uncovering self-betrayal

Connections Magazine Interview with Gangaji and Eli, April 2003 Betrayal is a word that sounds very dramatic to me, associated with being condemned to death. One betrays one's country, one's church, one's faith, the trust of...

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Therapy and spirituality

Connections Magazine, February 2004 In my first meetings with you, I understood that my chance to meet you was due to a request from Poonjaji in the realm of therapy. What was this request, and how did this request arise in your...

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Visionen Magazine Interview with Inge Hasswani, March 2004 With the growing interest in satsang-advaitas in Europe, there is some confusion around the meditation subject. I'd like to bring up this concern with you. The...

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I love therefore I AM

Connections Magazine Interview Germany - May 2010 "ama ergo sum" I love therefore i am. (Our take on Descartes cogito ergo sum -"I realize, therefore i am") What has love to do with the Essence and the identity of Man? How...

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Inside and Outside

For Connections Magazine 2010 The editor asked, "Inside and Outside" is it really all one? Eli responds: From the perspective of the one asking the question the answer is, "Of course not." In order to ask this question one must...

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How do you pray

From an 2011 interview with Eli for the book 'How Do You Pray' - by Celeste Yacaboni Before you asked me this question, I never really considered how I have prayed. As I look back on my life I would say I never did pray for most...

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“When you can recognize who you are not, then there is a possibility to wake up and discover who you really are.”