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Saints, Sinners and Self-Realization

Eli Jaxon-Bear interviewed by Bertrand Coquoz
KGS Magazine –  Humburg – Germany, 2008

BC: Last night, as I knew that an interview with you was taking place, a subject appeared: Self Realization.

This concept is much used and seems central to the mankind quest for happiness since forever. What does that mean for you?

To realize your Self is the fruition of a human life. Each flowering of a human incarnation contains within it the potential to bear fruit. Until this present time this fruiting was a very rare event. Most human flowers bloomed, reproduced and died without ever reaching the fruiting stage.

I love therefore I AM

Connections Magazine Interview
Germany – May 2010

“ama ergo sum” I love therefore i am.
(Our take on Descartes cogito ergo sum -“I realize, therefore i am”)

What has love to do with the Essence and the identity of Man?

How important is love for being?

To ask how important is love for being is like asking how important is light to fire. Fire and light are inseparable but even more so are Being and Love. Being is Love. Love is Being. This is the true essence of Self. Self is the true identity of Man.

Inside and Outside

For Connections Magazine 2010

The editor asked,
“Inside and Outside” is it really all one?

Eli responds:
From the perspective of the one asking the question the answer is, “Of course not.” In order to ask this question one must be in a point of duality assuming that the dualistic mind can find the answer. In this state the answer will always be either the direct experience of duality through the senses, or a belief in some idea of unity. Even if Einstein’s Theory of Relativity proves that time and space form one continuum and therefore everything that appears within the time space continuum must be of that same fabric, this abstract mental answer is never satisfying to the questioning mind. So, instead we usually turn toward belief or faith or opinion.

How do you pray

From an 2011 interview with Eli for the book ‘How Do You Pray’ – by Celeste Yacaboni

Before you asked me this question, I never really considered how I have prayed. As I look back on my life I would say I never did pray for most of my life. From the time I was three years old I was questioning if there was a god. I remember once when I was around eight years old locking myself in the bathroom. I went inside and I said, “If you exist I need a sign. Anything at all.”  I listened and I looked. I only saw blackness and I heard silence. The longer I listened the deeper I fell into the dark silence. After a while I came back and felt that I did not receive any sign at all and while this was not a sign that God did not exist, I could not know if there was a God or not.

Religion seemed pointless to me. It all seemed fake. So while I would mouth the prayers as long as I was required to attend, I never prayed.