A Mysterious Love

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Letters & Poems

Dear Gangaji and Eli,

Meeting with you was mysterious and miraculous – indeed, driven by Grace. I am so lucky. As I said as I was weeping at your feet, it was against all odds that I could be there.  Really.  My husband agreed to take care of our 1 yr old twins and 3 year old daughter. . .after I was offered the trip.  It was 40 hours of travel for just over 40 hours of being there…. anyway, enough about the ‘story’ =).

Now, as I sit here, I feel a deep silence that extends to at least Jupiter and back.  It is so quiet.  I’ve never heard such a beautiful deep quiet before.  And from this quiet, there is nothing to say.  I just wanted to share it with you both.

The love I felt as I hung onto you with my cold, sweaty palms  – that love was all the love in the world.  It bubbled up through me and ignited into pure joy as it met you.  It was nobody’s love – there was nobody there – just joyous love.  Gangaji, when I looked into your eyes, I felt like I could see to the bottom of the ocean… vast, deep – not just the beauty of your physical eyes, but the depth of love pouring from them made me weep.  I saw that it was love meeting love – and I was able to accept this love into my heart – and acknowledge that this love was not only for me, but was (and is) me.  Everything else disappeared.  And Eli, then I looked at you and could have just crawled up on the couch to hug you both – I saw such joy, such recognition, such unboundedness, such acknowledgment of the love that I was finally coming home to, the love of One Self.

As I’ve come back into what was an overwhelmingly busy and demanding life, I am noticing that it is possible to hear this silence, even when I also hear (behind it) three lively munchkins that need their mama at every turn.  I see that the love in my heart – that I thought was for them, is actually a greater love than I ever knew.  It is the LOVE that I am, that you are, that everything is.  As I notice the strength of this love – how much “I” love my kids, I now see it as love itself loving my kids.  And I am this love – but not me as the person I once believed myself to be.

I see that love is living me.  I no longer have the question ‘what should I do with my life that will serve all?’ but now ‘ what will this magnificent life do with me?’

Dec 11, 2014

Today I felt a great longing to be sitting nestled between you guys again.  I felt a longing to return home to my own self, to that peace, that light that was so luminous and welcoming in your presence.  Even though I know (my spiritual intellect ‘knows’) I can not be separate from that, somehow, the veil of the ego can make it seem that way.  So I let that veil be there.  I said, ok, come on in, you can be here too, this feeling of ‘separateness’ was welcomed.  It seemed to soften a bit.  I felt so humbled and surprised by the love coming out of my 3 year old, Olive, – so surprised, at her spontaneous humour, her wisdom, her generosity, her genuine care for me as she truly helped me take care of the twins – and then I realized that that was another way that LOVE was loving me again. And I am that LOVE at the same time that it is coming at me from all directions, in each moment.  And I found myself able to receive it, deeply, joyously – as unexpected and mysterious it was.  I am finding peace – or it is finding me.

Now, as I sink in, quietly, I find this vast empty silence.  It is so vast.  Inward and outward.  Nowhere and everywhere.  No inside or outside.  And Oh My God…. I AM alone!!!!!  A rush of tears, a deep untangling, a peace that always was…. never was…..only is……  hahahaha how to describe this??

As soon as I think about it – it all collapses.  But now the mind seems so small, so easily identifiable….. Before I came to Maui, I longed for time in my life to be able to reflect on this – to be in external as well as internal quiet.  But now, I realize that in a funny way, it is almost easier to hear what is truly silent when everything is teething, tantruming and ‘mama’-ing.

This is brand new for me.  Each moment.  I have surrendered to the master of Grace, of Love to flow through my life, as my life, as myself.  And I have no clue what is going to happen next.  We’ll see!!!  What a mystery!!!!!!!!  I’m in!!!!!!

All my love,

‘not even nothing’


“When you can recognize who you are not, then there is a possibility to wake up and discover who you really are.”