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A Mysterious Love

Dear Gangaji and Eli,

Meeting with you was mysterious and miraculous – indeed, driven by Grace. I am so lucky. As I said as I was weeping at your feet, it was against all odds that I could be there.  Really.  My husband agreed to take care of our 1 yr old twins and 3 year old daughter. . .after I was offered the trip.  It was 40 hours of travel for just over 40 hours of being there…. anyway, enough about the ‘story’ =).

Now, as I sit here, I feel a deep silence that extends to at least Jupiter and back.  It is so quiet.  I’ve never heard such a beautiful deep quiet before.  And from this quiet, there is nothing to say.  I just wanted to share it with you both.

A Reflection of Grace

Dearest Eli,

i just wanted to say thank you for everything.

I feel completely transformed since I have gone back to my job. For the first time I feel fully engaged and out of the way. Whatever needs to be done, some sort of drive to do it for, has fallen away. What a relief!!!I am still carefully watching this propaganda machine, checking where I am telling the truth and where I am not and what is running deeper. Even writing this mail …