Nothing but Gratitude

by | Oct 23, 2011 | Letters & Poems

Eli We both  are missing being in satsang with you. But we are taking care of our bodies for right now which has been a great challenge my cancer came back just before New Years. We have both been growing in spite of our lack of being with you. I’ve seen my attachment to my body much more clearly since we last saw each other. I woke up last week and I couldn’t understand what this weight was everyday I woke I’d feel this weight and couldn’t describe it. But I could describe what it felt like, sadness. I shared it with Adrian he told me he ‘d been feeling the same way and told him that I understood it to be fixation it was about the attachment to the body, a body that is harmonious physically. He said, “ I think you’re right”. Once we both saw it , it burned and a smile came over our faces. We are  really connecting with our true nature. We see so much as we walk in the world that we would have missed if it hadn’t been for our meeting  you. We have nothing but gratitude for you. If I’m better we hope to join you this summer. If there is room would that be OK? Much love, your two devoted brother’s Michael and Adrian


“When you can recognize who you are not, then there is a possibility to wake up and discover who you really are.”