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The Awakened Guide

The Awakened Guide

A revolutionary hands-on manual for helping professionals addressing all levels of therapy from symptom removal to ego strengthening and finally ego transcendence.

Blending Clinical Hypnosis, Neurolinguistics, The Enneagram of Character Fixation with non-dual insights to create a new model of the psyche and the possibility of being a True Friend.

“The skillful means . . .  in The Awakened Guide transcends its use for the amelioration of symptomatology in order to address the fundamental roots of suffering.” – Dr. Yigal Joseph, Former Director of the NYC Psychologist-In-Training Program

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The Awakened Guide


The Awakened Guide
From Fixation to Freedom

Sudden Awakening

Everyone wants to be happy. This is a universal component of the human condition and may seem so self-evident that it does not bear noting. So why is it that so few people are truly happy?

If it is true that our nature is happiness and bliss, why has it been so rare for people to realize this? Why has it been so rare for people to live their lives in gratitude and love?

There is a living intelligence in all people that seeks ultimately to discover its true identity and source. It is a fortunate and mysterious moment when the desire for happiness leads to the investigation into personal identity, also known as self-inquiry. In the light of direct self-inquiry, limitations that once seemed to define oneself are discovered to be more like transparent lines drawn on water. They exist only on the surface of consciousness in one’s imagination. When these illusions of mind are clearly exposed, true limitless being reveals itself.

“This is a book for awakening… for all of us to meet our true self.  The first part of the book is like the finger pointing to the moon. The second is the light of the moon itself.”

– Nancy Baker, Professor of Philosophy at Sarah Lawrence College

From Fixation to Freedom


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“All stories have a happy Ending. If you’re not happy, your story hasn’t ended yet”

– Eli Jaxon-Bear

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 I found it almost impossible to put down. I call it the real thing because there isn’t even a moment of dogma or bias. Sudden Awakening went straight to my heart.

- Dr. Murray Korngold

Founder of the Los Angeles Society of Clinical Psychologists


An Outlaw Makes It Home bares it all…. I consumed this book in huge gulps and would do it again. I urge others to read it.

- Peter Coyote


In this well-organized, thought-provoking book, talks with charismatic pundit Sri Harilal W.L. Poonja reveal his knowledge and advice regarding profound spiritual matters

- BlueInk Review

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