Three-Part Course on the Enneagram from Eli Jaxon-Bear

Part 2

Knowing Who You Are

“Who we think we are is a physical body, fearful, angry, doubting everything and needing love. This is a trance induction, covering our true nature of pure Being, silent immortal intelligence, and overflowing love.”

True Self of Imitation?

The ego is an imitation of true self. Instead of Being, we imagine ourselves to be a “human being.” Then, believing we are the body, we become angry and scared. Out of fear, doubt arises in the mind. The mind is believed to be the seat of intelligence, leading to thinking being misidentified as true wisdom. Silence is the true seat of intelligent wisdom, the source and essence of the whole Universe.

Along with the identification with the body comes a sense of separation, leading to an emotional neediness for love. Our emotions become an imitation of love, as the separate ego searches for union and connection, it veils our true nature of unity and love that is our essence.

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