Three-Part Course on the Enneagram from Eli Jaxon-Bear

Part 1

“The Enneagram is a wisdom mirror that shows us who we are not – clearly showing
unconscious egoic identification with the mind, the body and emotions. By revealing who we
are not, we are left with the possibility of the revelation of who we really are. Knowing who
you are is liberation from suffering.”

Do you feel imprisoned by unconscious patterns?

How can we be happy and free, when unconscious patterns of suffering seem to run automatically each and every day? By bringing our attention to what is running, we can discern for ourselves if this is based in our fixated egoic identity, or naturally emanating from our true essence.

Like all animals, we all are born with a particular physical, mental and emotional structure that serves the survival of our species. The enneagram reveals nine major fixation types, which in turn reveals unconscious patterns of survival. We can see how we identify with these patterns as who we are.

Some of us learn the enneagram so we can be a better person, or learn how to meet others in a more compassionate or understanding way, but ultimately if you are here, reading this, then you are ready to end the suffering where you are, and discover your true nature.

Using the enneagram in this way, to see who you are not, reveals the possibility of directly realizing who you really are beyond any number, beyond any pattern or identity. This is the possibility for true liberation in this lifetime.

Who do you think you are?

We are all telling ourselves stories about who we are. Some of us see the world through the lens of our feelings, experiencing the world through a sea of emotions. Others identify as a body filled with anger and judgements. And others identify as a mind, and its incessant thinking and doubting.

Whichever way you identify yourself, all are false identities, veiling your true Self. The enneagram can show you how you identify yourself in a particular way. By seeing that there are millions of other people of the same enneagram type as you, and they all see the world and themselves through the same lens, you can see the habitual, patterned nature of fixation, and discover that it is all mechanical.

Waking up from the personal story of “me” reveals the possibility to realize the truth of who you are, deeper than any story, any form, emotion or thought. It reveals what is unchanging, always here, as the source and ground of Being.

Course Resources

Click here to watch a video clip of Eli introducing the Enneagram
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View/Download your Enneagram Inquiry Questions

Write your responses to these repeating questions. Take 5 to 10 minutes for each question. Ask yourself the question repeatedly and write down all the responses that arise. Don’t edit yourself or judge your responses. You don’t need to show your responses to anyone. With a two-part question ask the first question, respond, then follow that by asking yourself the second question.

Inquiry Questions Part 1