Free 3-Part Enneagram Course

It is the call of your heart

Is this course for me?

Do you feel imprisoned by unconscious patterns?

Are you curious about how to use the Enneagram for personal awakening?

Do you want to learn how the fixations imitate true essence?

Are you ready to awaken to who you really are?

What you can expect

Special access to videos from Eli Jaxon-Bear

Private video clips from author, teach and Ennagram master Eli Jaxon-Bear

Worksheets to allow for self inquiry

Downloadable worksheets to help you in your journey of awakening.

Guided meditations 

Explore new moments of discovery with these guided meditations for Eli Jaxon-Bear. 

Our Students


I can’t find words to express how useful Eli’s teaching and the Leela School have been in supporting my own self-discovery and in deeping my capacity to serve others. I am forever grateful!

- Casey F.

The Enneagram

“The great gift of the Enneagram is that
it exquisitely describes who you are not.
It shows the veiling of true consciousness
by habits of egoic identification“ ~ Eli