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I love therefore I AM

Connections Magazine Interview
Germany – May 2010

“ama ergo sum” I love therefore i am.
(Our take on Descartes cogito ergo sum -“I realize, therefore i am”)

What has love to do with the Essence and the identity of Man?

How important is love for being?

To ask how important is love for being is like asking how important is light to fire. Fire and light are inseparable but even more so are Being and Love. Being is Love. Love is Being. This is the true essence of Self. Self is the true identity of Man.

Inside and Outside

For Connections Magazine 2010

The editor asked,
“Inside and Outside” is it really all one?

Eli responds:
From the perspective of the one asking the question the answer is, “Of course not.” In order to ask this question one must be in a point of duality assuming that the dualistic mind can find the answer. In this state the answer will always be either the direct experience of duality through the senses, or a belief in some idea of unity. Even if Einstein’s Theory of Relativity proves that time and space form one continuum and therefore everything that appears within the time space continuum must be of that same fabric, this abstract mental answer is never satisfying to the questioning mind. So, instead we usually turn toward belief or faith or opinion.

How do you pray

From an 2011 interview with Eli for the book ‘How Do You Pray’ – by Celeste Yacaboni

Before you asked me this question, I never really considered how I have prayed. As I look back on my life I would say I never did pray for most of my life. From the time I was three years old I was questioning if there was a god. I remember once when I was around eight years old locking myself in the bathroom. I went inside and I said, “If you exist I need a sign. Anything at all.”  I listened and I looked. I only saw blackness and I heard silence. The longer I listened the deeper I fell into the dark silence. After a while I came back and felt that I did not receive any sign at all and while this was not a sign that God did not exist, I could not know if there was a God or not.

Religion seemed pointless to me. It all seemed fake. So while I would mouth the prayers as long as I was required to attend, I never prayed.

We all love to laugh

Article for Connections Magazine, April 2011

We all love to laugh. When we are laughing we are not thinking and this brief relief from thought adds to the feeling of happiness that we get from laughing.

A confirming sign of awakening is to laugh so hard you can barely breath as you look back on what you thought was your life. This sort of laughter is very contagious and spreads the deep bliss of the moment to all who join in.

Introduction to From Fixation to Freedom

When I wrote my first Enneagram book in 1987, there was only one other available on the subject. It was written from a Jesuit perspective and described the Enneagram in terms of Jesus. I wrote mine in an attempt to make the Enneagram accessible and to point to its use for transcending the fixation. At the time, my own spiritual search had not ended so my book could only go as far as I had gone. In the intervening decade two major events have precipitated the writing of this book.

First and most importantly. I met a true teacher who showed me how to end the indulgence in fixation. Before meeting this teacher, all my work to end the fixation met with only limited success.

Nothing but Gratitude


We both  are missing being in satsang with you. But we are taking care of our bodies for right now which has been a great challenge my cancer came back just before New Years. We have both been growing in spite of our lack of being with you.

I’ve seen my attachment to my body much more clearly since we last saw each other. I woke up last week and I couldn’t understand what this weight was everyday I woke I’d feel this weight and couldn’t describe it. But I could describe what it felt like, sadness. I shared it with Adrian he told me he ‘d been feeling the same way and told him that I understood it to be fixation it was about the attachment to the body, a body that is harmonious physically. He said, “ I think you’re right”. Once we both saw it , it burned and a smile came over our faces.

You are alive in me ever more deeply

Dearest Eli,

I just returned from being at Harbin for a couple of days — on my own for the first time since Meera was born and it was very beautiful and rejuvenating. I wanted to share that I was in the hot pool with my heart at the source of the mother spring…stinging hot water pouring over and through me and I felt YOU so deeply! So beautifully…YOU…Papaji, Ramana…there was only YOU, only LOVE and I was so touched. You are alive in me ever more deeply. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend in person with you breathing down my neck. How it did serve!

I love you always!

May this New Year bring all Beauty, Love and unending and ever deeper Freedom.

In gratitude and love,

The realization is Everything

Five and a half year ago, I learned I had breast cancer.

In the middle of a huge crowd of people a radiologist called to tell me the news on my cell phone. As I felt my mind and body tumble through space, Eli’s voice called out to me: “It’s always a good day to die.”

Many diseases and much physical devastation later, I’ve been given the Grace to live that Truth as this ego body dies. The diagnosis is unimportant. The realization is Everything. Any day is a great day to die to the imagined future, and the not-good-enough past. It’s always a good day to quiet the mental and physical and emotional stories we tell ourselves, no matter how logical or righteous they may seem at the time.

The Sangha in Hungary and my experience of the Leela Therapy

Dearest Eli and Everyone,

No escape :). Last weekend I was literally taken to a sangha where I was asked to give a video-satsang and talk about my insights. Mysteriously a friend of mine called me last week to join him and talk in front of a group of people at the weekend. They usually meet every month but the leader of the group became ill. After this satsang, I really experienced what Papaji said:” I’ve never given satsang, I always only receive satsang.” At the end of the day I got so deeply silent, there was just space, love, peace, oneness, gratitude.

Although there was so much silence and love the day before the event, of course when I got there I had to face my fear of losing control :), the stupidness of wanting to meet other people’s needs, the fear of I will not be loved and I will be judged.. etc, and all kinds of fears that usually come with the 6 fixation. And the greatest thing is that the fear was there but IT DID NOT MATTER. I was used by Grace anyway. It was really burning in me but deep inside there was so much trust!

Lifting the veils

Baden Baden, Germany

Sixty of us gathered together to lift the veils. We came in as coaches, trainers, therapists, mothers, printers, pilots and more. We saw through the veils to what is untouched by all identity.  We discovered what it is to be a true friend and the power of trance work to reveal and finish the unfinished business that keeps us clinging to our unresolved egoic identity even after many deep and profound realizations.

For me this event was coming full circle in the teaching as well. Before meeting my beloved, Papaji, the bestower of silence and liberator of all souls, I had spent a decade using trance work and the enneagram to facilitate waking up from the trance of personal identity.

Because of the response from the people, I see the usefulness of this work. As a result I will be incorporating Lifting the Veils and beyond into the U.S. Three Year Intensive. This started in August with very good results. Also, after this latest Baden Baden retreat I have been asked to start a Three Year Intensive in Baden Baden that will focus on passing on the insights and skills of this work. This will begin next September.

I could not have imagined being able to resume my teaching schedule in the condition my body was in two years ago. Or even less could I ever have imagined teaching Lifting the Veils.