Lasting Fulfillment – A Weekend Retreat with Eli and Gangaji (Video)



90 minute recorded session with Meeting with Eli and Gangaji. Purchase allows access to download or streaming version.

We are here in the service of the whole world waking up. This is what will bring world peace and freedom. It starts with each one of us. Its starts with you

In this compilation Eli and Gangaji invite us to directly experience the lasting fulfillment that is at the silent heart core of all being. In a series of conversations with retreat participants, Eli and Gangaji address subjects such as: doubt as an imitation of true questioning, vigilance to thoughts, concepts of god and enlightenment, and the choice to give allegiance to happiness or to our story of suffering. We also hear beautiful reports of the discovery of innate freedom in the midst of the experience of bondage, and sober yet joyful fulfillment in the midst of disease.


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