Advanced Clinical Hypnosis with Eli



A two-day retreat designed for all helping professionals.


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Advanced Clinical Hypnosis
Milton Erickson and Healing Trance

June 17 & 18, 2020
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A two-day retreat designed for all helping professionals.

Advanced techniques, including Ericksonian methods. Milton Erickson, a psychiatrist and hypnotist, revolutionized the understanding of utilizing the unconscious in the service of change and is considered the greatest therapist of the twentieth century. His use of rapport and various inductions will be demonstrated and all participants will have practice time with feedback for inducing healing trances.

This time will deepen your own insight and give you valuable interventions for dealing with both ego-strengthening and ego-transcendence.

€ 275 ($305 USD)

Centrum De Roos
P.C. Hooftstraat 183
1071 BW Amsterdam

Meeting Schedule:

Wednesday June 17th and Thursday June 18th (Both Days)-

Check in starting at 9am
Video BBC Hypnosis: 10am - 11am
Session with Eli: 11am - 12:30pm
Session with Jared and Lisa: 2pm - 4pm
Session with Eli: 5pm - 6:30pm


For more information about the Leela School go to: www.leelaschool.org


Centrum De Roos
P.C. Hooftstraat 183
1071 BW Amsterdam

Meeting Times

  • Meeting Schedule
  • Saturday June 9th: Registration 2:30pm-3:30pm- Meeting at 4pm
  • Sunday June 10th -11am and 4pm
  • Monday June 11th – Tuesday June 12th: 11am, 4pm and 7:30pm daily
  • Wednesday June 13th: 11am and 4pm
  • Each meeting lasts approximately 60-90 minutes

LS Policies

Event Cancellation Fee

50 dollars until 30 days before the retreat start date or the entire amount in case of cancellation within 30 days of the event start date.

Policies and further information
Certification, Mentor Sessions, and Delaying Certification

  1. Certification is not guaranteed. Your certification will be based on evaluations that are both objective and subjective in nature.  Mentors and Students work very closely together so you will be well aware of the possibility of certification, and your chances of this by the end of the course year.  If you take the course, and do not qualify for certification, you will need to retake the course to be certified. We have discovered that to fully integrate the skills learned in this True Friend Immersion course, it takes at least two years, so we encourage everyone to be open to attending this course for two consecutive years.
  2. The Mentor Committee has full discretion to not allow a student to continue the training, or to advance in the school, at any time. Mentor committee will have the final say in certification of each and every student. Students are permitted to discuss any concerns they have with regards to their own certification outcome, however the Mentor Committee still has final say.
  3. Prior to the course, if notice is given more than 30 days before the retreat begins, full refund is given, less a $50 cancellation fee. After that no refunds are given.  No refunds are given for Module 2 regardless if the sessions have been completed or not.
  4. Module 2 (mentor sessions and practice sessions) are a mandatory part of becoming certified.  Feedback forms are necessary for certification to allow the mentors to evaluate you. If you take Module 2 then decide you do not want certification, or to continue with Part 3 of the course, no refund is given for unused mentor sessions.  If you are extending your course work for any reason,the 10 mentor sessions must be completed within 8 months of starting Module 2.
  5. If you would like an extension and delay entry into Part 3 for certification, you need to apply formally for an extension. If the extension is granted, it will be up to the Mentor Committee’s discretion of what needs to be redone or completed prior to coming back in to the school at the later time.  You may need to pay full price again for the remaining module/s.  You will need a minimum of one mentor session per month, which will be paid for directly by the student to the Mentor. For example, if you have already used your 10 mentor sessions, but decide to delay certification until the following year, you will need to continue with Mentor sessions in order to be certified. These extra Mentor sessions will need to be paid for.
  6. Upon successful certification, it is a requirement of the Leela School to undertake supervision sessions with a Leela School mentor or teacher. A minimum of one mentor session for every 6 client sessions given for a twelve-month period.
  7. There is a compulsory certification fee that is listed on the price sheet.
  8. Certification is limited to a two-year period. To re-certify, 30 hours of continuing education courses are required with supporting documentation. This can include attending any Leela School or Leela Foundation event, paid mentor sessions, or attending any related course.
  9. In order to be considered for the School’s Leela Mentor or Teacher Certification program, you must be certified, and have attended a minimum of two full years of True Friend Immersion.
  10. Guidelines for use of ‘True Friend’ by Leela School students
  • Officially sanctioned Leela School True Friends events can only be held after the student has been certified as a Leela School teacher.
  • Leela School students who have received their certification in hypnotherapy/psychotherapy can introduce the True Friend role into their own events, but they are to acknowledge Eli and the Leela School as the source of this methodology, and the events should not be titled True Friends retreats, etc.

If any of these points need clarification please contact The Leela School.