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    Papaji: Delight, Bliss and Beyond

    In Delight, Bliss and Beyond, Papaji speaks about the value of an association with a guru. He then goes on to answer a question oftentimes heard in satsang, „I got it when I was with you, but then I l…

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    Papaji: Give me Enlightenment, Please!

    In this DVD Papaji stresses the fact that one must not only give up the search for enlightenment but, more importantly, the idea that there is one who can engage in a search. He says that the „I“ is t…

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    Papaji: Return to Silence

    The theme that runs throughout this compilation (extracts from several satsangs) is „Silence“. Papaji states, and demonstrates, that Silence is one's real, and permanent, nature. He goes on to sa…

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    Seeds of Awakening – Meeting with Eli

    In this meeting, Eli uses the metaphor of a farmer sharing seeds to illustrate the transmission received in satsang from a spiritual teacher.

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    Self Realization and The Enneagram

    This 2 DVD set has three compelling discourses, Eli Jaxon-Bear offers fresh insight into Self, Realization and the Enneagram

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    Staying True – Meeting with Eli

    „The heart has to find what’s true by making mistakes, by going in the wrong direction. Depending on your intention, everything is useful or everything is poison. You have to know what your intention…

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    Truth of Your Nature – Meeting with Eli

    In this meeting, Eli delivers a message that may come as a surprise. If you're trying to attain a peaceful state, you're gong in the wrong direction.

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    Way of the Bodhisattva – A meeting at the Maui Dharma Center

    The way of the Bodhisattva is to live in service to the enlightenment of all beings. In this meeting at the Maui Dharma Center for Tibetan Buddhism, Eli brings the teachings of Buddhism to life by dir…

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    Gangaji & Eli: Living in Freedom

    In these meetings, Gangaji & Eli share their message of true freedom, that which is always here.  Through their talks and their interactions with guests, we can discover freshly, truly, that which…


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