The Leela School for Advanced Clinical Hypnosis

The Leela School AU – Enneagram Year, Part Three

November 23 – 27, 2017
Byron Bay Australia

This is a 5 day course for helping professionals

To Register or enrol please contact Jared Franks at

Product Description

The Leela School of Advanced Psychotherapy
Enneagram Year, Part Three

This is a 5 day course for helping professionals

The Enneagram of Character Fixation

This is the second level of certification, offered in three parts. For those who have already completed Parts One and Two of the Enneagram Year of the Leela School, completion of this can lead to a certification as an enneagram coach.

This course is also ideal as a stand-alone retreat for those called to deeper insight into the structure of our own character fixation, which assists in the discovery of our true character and the difference between ego and essence. Depth of understanding will give you insight into your client’s presenting condition and their true nature.

Module One is a 5 day retreat with Eli, Leela teachers and mentors. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the recognition of your own fixation and discover freedom from identification. This will then assist you in being able to serve others.

Tuition: $650 (AUD)

To register, please contact Jared Franks at


Temple Byron Yurt
46 Melaleuca Drive
Byron Bay, Australia


To Register or for more information please contact Jared Franks at or Leigh at

Meeting Times

  • Meeting Schedule:
  • Thursday Nov 23rd: Opening Meeting 4pm (Check in between 3:00 and 3:30)
  • Nov 24th, 25th & 26th: Three Meetings each day, 11am, 4pm and 7:30pm
  • Monday Nov 27th: Last meeting, 11am


Event Cancellation Fee

50 dollars until 30 days before the retreat start date or the entire amount in case of cancellation within 30 days of the event start date.

Policies and further information

Certification, Mentor Sessions, and Delaying Certification

  1. Certification is not guaranteed. Your certification will be based on evaluations that are both objective and subjective in nature.  Mentors and Students work very closely together so you will be well aware of the possibility of certification, and your chances of this by the end of the course year.  If you take the course, and do not qualify for certification, but would still like to try again, you will need to retake the entire year.A discount will apply of 50% to retake the course, however full price for the 10 mentor sessions will be required.
  1. The Mentor Committee has full discretion to not allow a student to continue the training, or to advance in the school, at any time. Mentor committee will have the final say in certification of each and every student. Students are permitted to discuss any concerns they have with regards to their own certification outcome, however the Mentor Committee still has final say.
  1. Prior to the course, if notice is given more than 30 days before the retreat begins, full refund is given, less a $50 cancellation fee. After that no refunds are given.  No refunds are given for Module 2 regardless if the sessions have been completed or not.
  1. Module 2 (mentor sessions and practice sessions) are a mandatory part of becoming certified.  Feedback forms are necessary for certification to allow the mentors to evaluate you. If you take Module 2 then decide you do not want certification, or to continue with Part 3 of the course, no refund is given for unused mentor sessions.  If you are extending your course work for any reason,the 10 mentor sessions must be completed within 8 months of starting Module 2.
  1. If you would like an extension and delay entry into Part 3 for certification, you need to apply formally for an extension. If the extension is granted, it will be up to the Mentor Committee’s discretion of what needs to be redone or completed prior to coming back in to the school at the later time.  You may need to pay full price again for the remaining module/s.  You will need a minimum of one mentor session per month, which will be paid for directly by the student to the Mentor. For example, if you have already used your 10 mentor sessions, but decide to delay certification until the following year, you will need to continue with Mentor sessions in order to be certified. These extra Mentor sessions will need to be paid for.
  1. In order to be considered for the Third Year of the School’s Leela Mentor or Teacher Certification program, you must be certified by the Leela School at all the other levels.