The Leela School of Awakening
True Friend Immersion 12 Day Retreat
October 9 – 20, 2020

This is the third part of a one year course, offered in three modules. The foundation of this course is to be a True Friend, for yourself and the world. Discovering a silent mind and an open heart, you will be supported in waking up out of the trance of egoic identification.

Based in non-dual insights and the clinical hypnosis certification program Eli ran for many decades, you will absorb and learn different skills for being an awakened guide in the lives of those around you, whether it is family, friends, or clients. Discovering what it means to be a True Friend for yourself and others, you will experience what this means in a practical way, living in the world in skillful harmony.

As part of this immersion course, we will use Eli’s unique insight into what he calls the Enneagram of Character Fixation (very different from the more commonly used Enneagram of Personality). Seeing the fixated structure of ego in ourselves, our relation- ships, and our clients will cast the world in a completely new light. Insight into the structure of our own character fixation assists in the discovery of our true character, and the difference between ego and essential self.

Prerequisite is having attended Modules 1 and 2. This class is led by Leela School teachers.

Professional Certification available.

Tuition: € 1300

Centrum De Roos (To be confirmed)
P.C. Hooftstraat 183
1071 BW Amsterdam

Meeting Schedule TBD

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