From Fixation to Freedom


An online streaming series offered in 3 parts

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Enneagram of Liberation Series with Eli

An online streaming series, with live Q&A, offered in 3 parts

Being or Ego is the question facing all of us as we reflect on ourselves and awaken to our true nature. Are we acting out our egoic patterns of fixation or are we living a life of love and freedom?

Coming originally from The Pythagoras Mystery School of 500 BC, Greece, the Enneagram of Liberation is a wisdom mirror, holding up a light to our deepest egoic movements and patterns. When subconscious patterns of behavior, emotions and thinking are brought into the light of consciousness, they lose their hold on us; we discover the capacity to be still, and can stop taking the world so personally.

We are bringing you a unique experience to have a live, interactive livestream with Eli that will specifically deal with each of the 9 different fixations. These livestreams can be viewed from anywhere and you will have the ability to ask Eli questions and speak to him. 

You can sign up in advance for the entire series, or you can sign up for 3 livestreams at a time.

Cost for the entire series is $475 and includes:

  • Access to all 9 live Zoom meetings for the dates and times listed below
  • Access to all recorded meetings to watch at a later time
  • A download version of Self-Realization and the Enneagram
  • A download version of Eli’s Enneagram course taught at Esalen

Cost for just 3 livestreams at a time is $175 and includes:

  • Access to the three live Zoom meetings that you have selected
  • Access to three recorded meetings to watch at a later time
  • A download version of Self-Realization and the Enneagram


Each livestream will be approximately 90 minutes and will include Eli live for about one hour followed by questions and answers.


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Livestream Package

3 Livestreams Only- Fear Points, 3 Livestreams Only- Image Points, 3 Livestreams Only-Anger Points, Full Series-9 Livestreams