Do I Need to Fix Something, or Accept Everything As It Is?


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Do I Need to Fix Something, or Accept Everything As It Is?
Finding Clarity in a Self-Help World

This conundrum of the modern spiritual age is a profound inquiry into the effort we make to change what we don’t like, and how the very act of trying to change ourselves and the world, often leads to the very suffering we are trying to avoid. And yet, with so many old and new healing modalities available in the world, we find that the body can be healed in different ways, the mind can be brought to silence, and the emotions can be gateways to transcendent peace and love. We invite you to clearly and directly discover how change can be effected, when it is needed, and when it is an avoidance of what is already here.

This is a two hour long, worldwide, FREE webinar.  Presented by Leela School Teachers Jared Franks and Stevie Leppard. They will lead a discussion with live questions and answers.

This webinar is presented online using Zoom.  To sign up, please click here: ZOOM LINK

Please feel free to email Leigh ( questions in advance for Jared and Stevie.

This is open for anyone, current Leela School students, as well as anyone interested in hearing more.  This is available to anyone in the world, for the first 100 people who sign up.

Date and Time:
Saturday January 26, 2019
1:00pm, Pacific Standard Time

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