Knowing What You Want; What Are You Willing To Give Up?


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Free Webcast with Lisa and Stevie

On our last webcast we discussed the topic of what it is we desire, and discovering what is our most essential desire. Once that desire is established, and felt to be true, it’s safe to say that tests will show up to challenge that; places where we may weaken, and be tempted to follow our more superficial desires. As a continuation from our last call, we will deepen in this conversation, and investigate the question: What are you willing, or unwilling, to give up for what you desire most deeply?

This is a two hour long, worldwide, FREE webcast.  Presented by Leela School Teachers Lisa Schumacher and Stevie Leppard. They will lead a discussion with live questions and answers.

This webcast is presented online using Zoom.  To sign up, please click here: ZOOM LINK

Please feel free to email Leigh ( questions in advance for Lisa and Stevie.

This is open for anyone, current Leela School students, as well as anyone interested in hearing more.  This is available to anyone in the world, for the first 100 people who sign up.

Date and Time:
Sunday October 28, 2018
1:00pm, Pacific Standard Time

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