Certification in Clinical Hypnosis

This is a 10 day course for helping professionals

This is the first class leading to a certification in Clinical Hypnosis. The one year part-time course, is offered in 3 parts leading to a Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis. Besides teaching you how to be a successful therapist, this course is also ideal for anyone seeking a deeper insight into their own psychological movements and patterns. It is an assistance to those who are already practicing as a health professional, offering fundamental insights as well as skillful means to add to your existing practice. By the end of the first year you will be able to set up a successful private practice.

For brochure, enrollment form or more information regarding The Leela School Certification Program, go to https://www.leelaschool.org

Tuition: $1750

For general information and accommodations questions please contact leigh@leela.org