Leela Articles

A poem by Karen

Beloved There is no expansiveness more common than the soul It is the gift of wings when feet are rooted to the soil, when being is mistaken for limitation, when something seems irretrievably lost. Here, in a whirling heart,...

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Nothing but Gratitude

Eli We both  are missing being in satsang with you. But we are taking care of our bodies for right now which has been a great challenge my cancer came back just before New Years. We have both been growing in spite of our...

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Lifting the veils

Baden Baden, Germany Sixty of us gathered together to lift the veils. We came in as coaches, trainers, therapists, mothers, printers, pilots and more. We saw through the veils to what is untouched by all identity.  We...

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Australia report

Aussie Report We are nearing the end of our tour here in Australia.  We love the people, the culture and the countryside. The sangha here is deep and true.  Many people have reported  first being in retreat with...

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Budapest report

When Gangaji and I first came to Budapest in the 1980s, our first impression was of Border Patrol Soldiers with guns and Red Stars on their hats going through our luggage in our train compartment as we crossed the border. (It felt...

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“When you can recognize who you are not, then there is a possibility to wake up and discover who you really are.”