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Events, retreats, meetings and satsang with Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear. Book your event now!

Intensive Retreat with Eli

September 30 - October 7
Baden Baden, Germany

“I have been coming to our community of truth seekers in Germany since 1985. My body is aging and our time has run out. This will be the last Intensive Retreat in Germany. I invite you to join with us if you are called from your heart” ~ Eli


The Leela School Amsterdam-True Friend Immersion, Module 3

October 12 - October 21
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Prerequisite is having attended a Leela School course in the past.


The Leela School Amsterdam – Ego or True Self: The Enneagram for Awakening, Module 3

October 12 - October 16
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A five day Enneagram retreat for awakening through insight into egoic fixation.