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The Leela School EU, Clinical Hypnosis Part Two

June 5 - September 14

Level 1, Part Two

This is an online course that includes 10 one-on-one mentor sessions.  This is the 2nd part in a one year part-time course.  Pre-Requisite is having attended Part One course held in Amsterdam, May 2017.


Public Meeting with Eli

June 30
Heidelberg, Germany

June 30, 2017
Heidelberg, Germany

Public Meetings with Eli offer the opportunity to recognize the deepest truth of who you are and support in living a life true to this realization.

No Registration Required. €20.00 at the door

Weekend Retreat with Eli

July 1 - July 2
Heidelberg, Germany

July 1 – 2, 2017
Heidelberg, Germany

Weekend Retreats with Eli offer a profound space dedicated to the direct experience of your true Self. The transmission of silence, self-inquiry and presence of others committed to Truth offers deep support for the relaxation of your mind and resting in the heart of being


Silent Retreat with Eli, July 6 2017, Baden Baden

July 6 - July 12
Baden Baden, Germany

July 6 – 12, 2017

Silent Retreat with Eli is a time to discover the truth of one’s being and to deepen in that realization. Through gathering together for an extended period, a rare and profound support is experienced for the direct recognition of eternal peace, always present as the core of one’s own heart.


The Leela School EU, Clinical Hypnosis, Part Three

September 5 - September 14
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 5 – September 14, 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is the third part of a one year course for Certification in Clinical Hypnosis.
Pre-Requisites are having completed Parts One and Two of the Leela School courses.


Intensive Retreat with Eli

September 20 - September 27
Baden Baden, Germany

September 20-27 2017, Baden Baden

The intention of the Intensive Retreat with Eli, first and foremost, is passing on the precious, holy incomparable gift of Papaji: the living presence of truth and silence.