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Events, retreats, meetings and satsang with Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear. Book your event now!

Small Group Retreat with Gangaji

November 16 - November 18
Byron Bay, Australia

Small Group Weekends provide an opportunity to both sit in silence and dialogue with Gangaji in a very intimate setting. Enrollment is limited to 50 participants.
This retreat is full.  To be added to the waiting list please contact Leigh at

Who Are You? Retreat with Gangaji and Eli

November 22 - November 26
Mullumbimby, Australia

In our time together we will explore, reflect and realize the living possibility of an examined life. Together we will find the traps to freedom, the power of silence and the gateway to a life of true love.


Core Retreat 2018
10 Day Retreat

November 22 - December 3
Mullumbimby, Australia

Ten Day Retreat with Gangaji and Eli


Ego or True Self: The Enneagram of Essence with Eli

November 29 - December 3
Mullumbimby, Australia

The Ego or True Self? Retreat is both for those not yet familiar with the self-inquiry possible with this powerful wisdom mirror and for those who already are familiar with their fixation and are ready to go deeper.


The Leela School Australia – Enneagram for Awakening Module 3

November 29 - December 3
Mullumbimby, Australia

A five day Enneagram retreat for awakening through insight into egoic fixation.

To Register or for more information please contact Jared Franks at

The Leela School Australia- True Friend Immersion Module 3

November 29 - December 11
Mullumbimby, Australia

This is the 3rd part in a one year part-time course offered in Australia.

To register, please contact Jared Franks at

Living a Free Life Retreat with Gangaji & Eli

February 2 - February 10
Maui, Hawaii

9 Day Retreat

What does it mean to live freely? How do we define freedom? Together we will inquire deeply into our preconceptions of freedom. We will meet the unconditional freedom that is alive in the depth of our heart.

Maximum 50 participants