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The Leela School US – Enneagram Year, Part One

April 23 - April 27
Ashland, Oregon

April 23 – April 27, 2017
Ashland, Oregon

This course is open to anybody interested in the Enneagram, as well as Leela School Students in their 2nd year.


Certification in Clinical Hypnosis

Mai 5 - Mai 14
Ashland, Oregon

May 5 – May 14, 2017
Ashland, Oregon

This is the first class leading to a certification in Clinical Hypnosis. The one year part-time course, is offered in 3 parts leading to a Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis.


Public Meeting with Eli

Mai 5
Ashland, Oregon

May 5, 2017
Ashland, Oregon
Chozu Tea Room
832 A St, Ashland, OR

Open Meetings are an opportunity to gather together and closely investigate the truth underlying our daily life experience.

Pre-Registraion Not Required. $20 at the door

True Friends Retreat
Training for Trainers

Mai 27 - Juni 2
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

May 27 – June 2, 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This retreat is for trainers, coaches, therapists, teachers and health professionals.  These seven days will be in combination with the certification program in advanced clinical hypnosis.


Public Meeting with Gangaji & Eli

Juni 23
Berlin, Germany

June 23, 2017
Berlin, Germany

Public Meetings with Gangaji and Eli offer the opportunity to recognize the deepest truth of who you are and support in living a life true to this realization.

No Registration Required. €20.00 at the door

Weekend Retreat with Gangaji & Eli

Juni 24 - Juni 25
Berlin, Germany

June 24 – June 25, 2017
Berlin, Germany

Weekend Retreats with Gangaji and Eli offer a profound space dedicated to the direct experience of your true Self. The transmission of silence, self-inquiry and presence of others committed to Truth offers deep support for the relaxation of your mind and resting in the heart of being.


Small Group Retreat with Gangaji

Februar 16 - Februar 18
Auckland, New Zealand

Small Group Weekends provide an opportunity to both sit in silence and dialogue with Gangaji in a very intimate setting. Enrolment is limited to 40 participants.

FREE WEBCAST – The Movements of Mind and the Discovery of Freedom, with Lisa and Jared

März 3

How we can stop reacting, and start acting, by seeing how we move, and what these habitual movements of our mind are really pointing to.

To sign up now, please email Leigh at

The Leela School US – Ego or True Self: The Enneagram for Awakening

März 17 - März 21
Ashland, Oregon

A five day Enneagram retreat for awakening through insight into egoic fixation.



The Leela School US – True Friend Immersion

März 17 - März 27
Ashland, Oregon

New Class is open for enrollments.